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  1. Kewpie

    The Decemberists curate BBC 6 Music - two The Smiths related programmes 3rd April 2015

    Friday 3 April 2015 - BBC Radio 6 Music schedule As you know Colin is one of the biggest fans of The Smiths. 1983 sessions at 22:00-20:30 then 23:00 The Smiths at the Beeb. Fantastic treat :bow: 22:00 The Smiths and XTC Sessions Colin Meloy of the Decemberists selects sessions from the...
  2. Uncleskinny

    Salt Lake City, UT date (July 18, 2015) announced -

    Mormons - Moz is coming to get you Salt Lake City - 28 March 2015 Morrissey is confirmed to play in Salt Lake City (Utah) on Saturday, July 18. The venue is The Depot.
  3. fredkocherpepsi

    Internet image -

    ​Internet image - 22 February 2015 Artist unknown.​
  4. Emil

    Yes, there were times/I'm sure you knew - Morrissey statement at

    Yes, there were times / I'm sure you knew - 21 December 2014 What I may risk calling our best tour ever ... has now ended, and my written words of thanks to all who came along to watch and listen are strong enough to burn a hole through the North Pole. It is gratifying to have...
  5. Eurydice

    Article: Q Magazine

    Fred found this while at the bookstore this a.m. It's by Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. It's in Q Magazine (the one with the Foo Fighters on the cover).
  6. Chickpea

    "Here’s How Tinder Guys React If You Only Reply In Morrissey Lyrics" - BuzzFeed

    This Is How Tinder Guys React When You Send Them Morrissey Lyrics - BuzzFeed Hey boy, last night I dreamt that somebody loved me.
  7. Eurydice

    "What Would Happen if The Smiths & Morrissey Got Inducted..." Article

    Found this on my Google alert feed and chuckled.
  8. Eurydice

    Unofficial "Kiss Me A Lot" Video

    Morrissey's nephew posted this today and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy it too. (sorry if this was previously posted...feel free to move it if need be)
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