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  1. Lawrence

    'What's The World' cover on MP3

    Does anyone here have an MP3 of The Smiths' take of James' 'What's The World', please? I'd love to add it onto my venerable old iPod. Thanks you most kindly, if you do.
  2. Lawrence

    Morrissey: Say YES to human rights, No to apartheid Israel

    I just came across this just now, the fact that Moz has written an excellent song in the past about living under occupation ('This Is Not Your Country' - originally a B-side off 'Satan Rejected My Soul'), yet is still prepared to play in a land presently under occupation is sad.....really sad...
  3. Lawrence

    Lisa Redford cover of 'Lost'

    I heard it last year on a trailer off a george clooney film about an airport - does anyone have an mp3 of it to share?
  4. Lawrence

    Lisa Redford cover of 'Lost'

    I just heard it - does anyone have an mp3 of it to share? :guitar:
  5. Lawrence

    'Ive Changed My Plea To Guilty' - long version

    Does anyone have it as an mp3? I've got the US version on CD without the Skeeter Davis intro.:blushing:
  6. Lawrence

    This 'Charming Man'

    ....from either the BBC Radio 2 broadcast or last Friday's Jonathan Ross show - does anyone have a mp3 of both to share?
  7. Lawrence

    'The Boy Racer' b-sides

    Could anyone possibly download them? Thanks, if you can.
  8. Lawrence

    That's How People Grow Up - Single/Album version

    ....anyone have it as an mp3 file? My computer crashed and lost it.
  9. Lawrence

    Back in the day clip

    .....could THIS have possibly influenced Alain, Boz & Gary, I wonder?
  10. Lawrence

    1987 South Bank Show

    has anyone got that to put upon the site to share?
  11. Lawrence

    Moz on MySpace

    Here's a minute long clip of Moz in action @ Ally Pally last year (it's a little shaky and distant because I was wooing a lady friend at the time - we've since split up....oh well!).:rolleyes:
  12. Lawrence

    'Stop Me If You Think' cover

    I heard a curious cover of 'Stop Me If You Think' the other day on the radio....does any one know who it's by and if so, could they download it please?
  13. Lawrence

    'The Loop'

    Hello there. Does anyone 'The Loop' as an mp3? My cd copy of 'Sing' Your Life' has a scratch on it that doesn't let it play properly. I'd really appreciate it if you do.
  14. Lawrence

    Ally Pally mp3's

    Anyone got an mp3 of last night's Ally Pally show? I'd love to find that new track, "gang lord" and the version of "trouble loves me" with the mockney cockney intro.
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