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  1. 02_LS1

    The Smiths Rockpalast show?

    Anyone have the complete video of this gig? I'd love to have it! Thanks.
  2. 02_LS1

    Pasolini Is Me DVD

    Found this on another site and thought I'd share with you all. Excellent quality DVD from the AM festival, Nurburgring June 2006 with some extras. PANIC FIRST OF THE GANG TO DIE THE YOUNGEST WAS THE MOST LOVED IN THE FUTURE WHEN ALL'S WELL GIRLFRIEND IN A COMA YOU HAVE KILLED ME I'LL...
  3. 02_LS1

    The Smiths Live in Madrid 85(complete video)

    Thought I'd give you all a little Christmas gift :) Cheers!
  4. 02_LS1

    More live gigs?

    Just checked as says "Live Dates To Be Announced Soon!". Could it be? Perhaps in a few months after taking a short break?
  5. 02_LS1

    Pomona Roll Call

    I'll be there with an umbrella. Hope Moz is ok to perform tomorrow night.
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