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  1. masterrhodes

    Honest Question

    Over half of my Morrissey collection is still on cassette. Because I already have purchased the music, can I download the albums off the net? If I can download them...where can I get them? If it is illegal or "not right" I will just buy them. Also, if this is posted in the wrong section, please...
  2. masterrhodes

    Ringleader Found! No, it's not me
  3. masterrhodes

    What does this lyric mean?

    "Head in the clouds and a mouthful of pie". My wife says it is referring to something perverted but I never saw it like that.
  4. masterrhodes

    Cool Text To Speech Site-I'm gonna post one with a Morrissey song
  5. masterrhodes

    For Morrissey

    Messed up thread
  6. masterrhodes

    Does everyone know about all the Morrissey clips at this site?

    I could not believe it. Maybe I am easily impressed, but I have been searching for clipls like these for a long time. Anyone know any other sites with good stuff like this on it? You can see I'm new, but I want to see and learn everything about Morrissey...
  7. masterrhodes

    Did everyone notice the mexican flag on the drum set of Morrissey gig?

    I'm just wondering why it was that flag. I have read that he got on real well with the hispanics in L.A. but I don't understand why he would be advocating that flag over others.
  8. masterrhodes

    This is probably old news, but I thought it was awesome footage

    The site said it was 4 days old so I figure I'll post it just in case:)
  9. masterrhodes

    Check Out This Oldie But Goodie
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