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  1. headmasterritual2012

    Morrissey Japanese CD collection with obi strips - for sale

    The CDs are complete, in ex condition and with obi strips. I prefer to sell the full lot. If interested, PM me with an offer.
  2. headmasterritual2012

    The Smiths cassette lot - Ebay auction ends tonight (CEST)
  3. headmasterritual2012

    For sale : Signed Johnny Marr Autobiography £55 GBP + p&p

    Anybody interested in a copy of Johnny's signed autobiography? The book is in excellent condition and remains unread. It comes from my personal collection. If interested, PM. I'm based in Germany. Cheers,
  4. headmasterritual2012

    Strangeways (2564665879) LP - red title & embossed?

    Today I came across the Strangeways Rhino release (I believe), but strangely I found this version with the band name (embossed) and title on the front in red/pink. Does anyone have any information re. this release? Is this rare? Catalog number: 2564665879 I think is this one, but here's with...
  5. headmasterritual2012

    HKIMN RT156 jukebox misprint - need info

    I have a HKIMN jukebox version, but strangely the A-side is listed on both sides. I just played the record to see if both sides play HKIMN but the B-side is SLC (as normal) - with this confusion, now I understand why the previous owner wrote "over the moors" on the label. Does anyone knows...
  6. headmasterritual2012

    Glamorous Glue 7" Promo, Test Pressings, German, Brazil, etc

    Hi again, If anybody interested, I'm selling some items on ebay including the Glamorous Glue 7" promo, some test pressings/promos, German/Brazilian/Japanese copies and more. All the auctions started at £0.99, no reserve and end this Thursday evening (BST)...
  7. headmasterritual2012

    for sale Glamorous Glue 7" Stateside promo, white labels, BR/NZ/AU editions & more

    7" PROMO Morrissey - Glamorous Glue/ The World's Loneliest Man (Vince Eager) Stateside ‎– SS 2242 - MINT Signed Johhny Marr - Set The Boy Free "Limited Edition Signed Copy" White Label 12" singles (all come in a black die-cut sleeve) The Smiths Shoplifters Of The World Unite UK / RTT195 12"...
  8. headmasterritual2012

    The wisdom of Johnny Marr beyond The Smiths

    "An extensive career that goes way beyond The Smiths’ legendary guitar wizardry and the jingle-jangle soundscapes of a Rickenbacker. Talking Heads, The Pretenders, Electronic, Pet Shop Boys, Modest Mouse, The Cribs and more…" Short article and mainly quotes from Johnny Marr's autobiography on...
  9. headmasterritual2012

    Morrissey Signed Bona Drag album + Salford's t-shirt

    Auction starts at £0.99 and no reserve.
  10. headmasterritual2012

    Morrissey signed autobiography (2014 w/ proof) + official tote bag 2016 Auction starts at £0.99 and NO RESERVE.
  11. headmasterritual2012

    For sale: The Smiths - Meat Is Murder LIVE EP 12" test pressing

    Sad to let this one go :( "Meat Is Murder" live EP test pressing (unreleased) UK 12" test pressing [Rough Trade RTT186] "There appears to be two different test pressings for this format as well, but they each are much rarer than their 7" counterpart. The record in both cases usually has...
  12. headmasterritual2012

    Morrissey backdrop

    Hi, Does anybody know who's this on the backdrop? When he used this one? Thanks,
  13. headmasterritual2012

    Full list of Johnny Marr releases?

    Hi, I am looking for the full discography of Johnny Marr (post Smiths) including collaborations, film scores , etc. I'm sure that wikipedia is not a comprehensive source here - especially with film scores. Any help? Thanks,
  14. headmasterritual2012

    The Smiths' / Morrissey bootleg list?

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has a full list of The Smiths / Morrissey bootlegs on vinyl? Do you know where to find this info? Thank you.
  15. headmasterritual2012

    The Smiths - Headmaster Ritual Rough Trade cd for sale. Uk postage 2.99 / international tbd

    Hi all, I have a lovely copy of The Smiths´Headmaster Ritual (RTT 215 CD) ready to go. If anyone interested please PM with an offer. UK POSTAGE 2.99 GBP Thanks,
  16. headmasterritual2012

    Morrissey / The Smiths rare auction ends today 15:20 UK time
  17. headmasterritual2012

    For sale: Morrissey bundle Viva Hate LP, 7´s, CDs, mags, framed 7" and more
  18. headmasterritual2012

    Sitting on a Smiths gem without noticing it?

    Need to share this story. I was organizing my Moz records.... Back in 2014 I bought a set of 3 smiths test pressings (Shoplifters.., Boy With The Thorn.., and "TJIFA" (SUPPOSED TO BE!!)). I´ve paid 77 USD for the lot. A bargain Anyway, I was organizing them a couple of hours ago, and when I...
  19. headmasterritual2012

    Looking for 2 spare tickets (Oct 7th) for Johnny Marr @Albert Hall, Manchester

    Please PM if you have some tickets!!!! Thanks kindly,
  20. headmasterritual2012

    The Smiths Morrissey Bundle 12"s, 7"s, CD´s ends today - free shipping worldwide
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