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    Thanks, Anne!

    Thanks, Anne!
  2. 02_LS1

    Paint A Vulgar Picture demo?

    Thanks for sharing! :highfive:
  3. 02_LS1

    Ganglord Video

    Great find! Thanks for sharing :thumb:
  4. 02_LS1

    Looking for Pomona 2009 footage

    I'd love to have this as well...:)
  5. 02_LS1

    Req: DVD -The Smiths - Paseo de Camoens, Madrid May 18 1985

    Here you are :)
  6. 02_LS1

    Let me kiss you demo

    Here you go... :)
  7. 02_LS1

    Smiths Rockpalast video

    When you open the text file, there should be several links to download the video (about 30 links). Here:
  8. 02_LS1

    Smiths Rockpalast video

    Yikes! 30 files! I'll try to download this soon. Thanks! :)
  9. 02_LS1

    The Smiths Rockpalast show?

    Oops, never mind. It's downloading! Thank you, sir :rock:
  10. 02_LS1

    The Smiths Rockpalast show?

    Thanks. I tried to download the torrent but appears that no one is seeding anymore :( Cheers
  11. 02_LS1

    Introducing Morrissey on dvd

    Here you go...
  12. 02_LS1

    The Smiths Rockpalast show?

    Anyone have the complete video of this gig? I'd love to have it! Thanks.
  13. 02_LS1

    Pasolini Is Me DVD

    Hi. I don't know much about iDVD or Mac, but Nero 8 worked great for me. I found this free program called ImgBurn but I don't know if it'll work with Mac computers. Here's the link: Hope this helps :)
  14. 02_LS1

    Pasolini Is Me DVD

    Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Enjoy!
  15. 02_LS1

    Pasolini Is Me DVD

    Thank you. I've forgotten about the limits on regular users versus paid users.
  16. 02_LS1

    Pasolini Is Me DVD

    I've managed to split this up into 6 parts. Hope this makes it easier for everyone. Part 1: Part 2:
  17. 02_LS1

    Pasolini Is Me DVD

    exactly. Can someone suggest to me where or how to upload a giant file (4GB)? I have it compressed with WinRAR but uploading it to Megaupload takes too long. I would imagine downloading it wouldn't be any quicker. Thanks!
  18. 02_LS1

    High quality Morrissey videos online?

    I just provided a link to a REALLY good high quality DVD download here: Enjoy!
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