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  1. klivert70

    Japanese Viva Hate & Etched 7" For Sale

    Hi, i'm selling my rare Japanese copy of Viva Hate. This Comes with the bonus, 1 sided, etched 7" of 'Hairdresser On Fire' Both the vinyl and sleeves are in near mint condition, the only slight flaw is the obi strip has been taped back together at some point, but this really doesn't...
  2. klivert70

    Another new Radioead track.

    Predictably ace!!:thumb:
  3. klivert70

    Frank Sidebottom has cancer

    oh blimey,… bobbins news ! Posted in posts on May 12th, 2010 hello fantastic fans,… well,.. after all the hospital tests of scans, and x-rays and cameras down me etc etc ,… yes i’ve got cancer !!! but don’t worry,.. i’m not going anywhere just yet,.. and i’m looking forward to another 25...
  4. klivert70

    Ash vs Mogwai

    Dare To Dream (Mogwai Remix) A culmination of two great bands, released on a limited 7" as part of Record Store Day.
  5. klivert70

    Arab Strap - Daughters Of Darkness

    1 track promo from the newly released boxset 'Scenes Of A Sexual Nature'. Reminds me why I love this band, sorely missed. Enjoy. and for those inclined...
  6. klivert70

    Smiths CD Singles Box Set

    Just a heads up, Recordstore are selling this for £28.99, might just be the nudge I need to buy it!
  7. klivert70

    Holy Shit

    I'm 40 years old in 5 minutes, where has it all gone? :confused:
  8. klivert70

    A sweet blog for us Scottish indie lovers
  9. klivert70

    New Radiohead track

    Harry Patch (In Memory Of) "i am the only one that got through the others died where ever they fell it was an ambush they came up from all sides give your leaders each a gun and then let them fight it out themselves i've seen devils coming up from the ground i've seen hell upon this earth...
  10. klivert70

    Flintoff retires from test cricket,26376,12340_5434371,00.html Can't believe it, I know his body is knackered but I thought he had a good couple of years left yet. I'll never forget the 2005 Ashes series and Freddie's contribution, as well as the pissed up pictures, falling out...
  11. klivert70

    Rhino Dispatch !!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, just received my dispatch e-mail from Rhino, maybe my box set will arrive tomorrow. Maybe............:guitar:
  12. klivert70

    Cheap Trick Produced By Steve Albini!

    Just came across this on the net and thought it might interest some of you. Here's the story: On the "Rockline 2003" show, someone called in and asked the band for the history behind this disc, and Bun E. Carlos gave the explanation. The "In Color" album was produced by Tom Werman, but the band...
  13. klivert70

    Is down?

    .....or is it just me?:squiffy:
  14. klivert70

    Honey you know where to find me - instrumental

    Has anyone got this to download, can't find my copy, PLEASE!
  15. klivert70

    Joshua Radin

    Just a quick note to say his new album is amazing, and for the uninitiated - Winter - Closer both featured in the TV series 'Scrubs' listen and melt
  16. klivert70

    Still Ill - Interviews

    It's rubbish, but take it please (it's nearly) free £3.99 + free (UK) shipping;-1;-1;-1&sku=672296
  17. klivert70

    In the future when all's well 7"

    Have any of you kind people got a spare of this to sell, my 'lovely' Nephew has just decided to frisbee mine into the street from an open window :( I've tried Ebay with no joy.
  18. klivert70

    Can we all report this ebay joker

    item no 170236760596 - Moz live at 02 wireless festival cd. what an arsehole, 4 bids as well. When will they ever learn.:mad:
  19. klivert70

    The Salford Lads

    As promised, here is the radio 2 documentary on Morrissey & The Smiths, The Salford Lads.:):)
  20. klivert70

    I Was Morrissey's Drummer

    Welcome to a nice documentary by Andrew McGibbon aka Andrew Paresi, early drummer with Moz. ENJOY Tomorrow i will upload The Salford Lads Documentary From Radio 2, I Am An Uploading God!!!!!
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