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  1. prisoner77

    Nottingham suggestions

    Any decent pubs.
  2. prisoner77

    Harry Hill 1 ticket going spare

    I didn't want to put it on Ebay..Row f Moz refrences are not guaranteed. On Sunday 10th feb Liverpool Empire.
  3. prisoner77

    nick lowe cruel to be kind

    If nobody thinks this is a track from years of refusal from the intro i'd be suprised
  4. prisoner77

    wanted a ticket for new order tonight

    If anyone has a spare for the gig tonight?
  5. prisoner77

    The Primitives

    Just to let anyone who's interested that Tracy Tracy will be chatting to Stuart Maconie on 6 music at 1.00.
  6. prisoner77

    Jo Brand

    It seems Jo Brand is turning her book "The More You Ignore Me" Into a T.V. series...So lot's of Smiths and Morrissey refrences abound.
  7. prisoner77

    Leonard Cohen Documentary

    Just thought I'd let you know that the 1972 tour documentary "Bird On A Wire" a re-mastered version will be on BBC4 at 9 Friday the 19th November.
  8. prisoner77

    Kathy Burke on Desert Island Discs 16/08/2010

    She's on next Sunday..I expect "The More You Ignore Me" To be one of her h choices..
  9. prisoner77

    wossy has the Drums on his show

    Wonder if Moz leaned on him.
  10. prisoner77


    Hello, my cat tap danced over my lap top and since I can't get anything .. Just a cursor and blank screen..Any suggestions please..:rolleyes:
  11. prisoner77

    south bank show-revisted

    Wonder if ....It's Billy Connolly next week..
  12. prisoner77

    roxy music

    Don't know if it's been mentioned but Roxy Music are playing in July. Lovebox in Victoria Park London.
  13. prisoner77

    coconut records

    I can't remember who liked em' but they are shite.
  14. prisoner77

    leeds ticket

    Unless Leeds is re-scheduled I have a balcony ticket for sale.. Can't make Thursday..Have to arrange a pick up point..
  15. prisoner77

    That Sinking Feeling.(Film)

    At last I thought one of my favourite films released on DVD, but what have they, whoever they may be,done?? Dubbed the actors Glaswegian accents. replaced with English, for the American market.. Barstewards.:crazy:
  16. prisoner77


    I don't know if anyone posted about their one off gig .. Its December 11th at the Manchester Central G-mex with support from BUZZCOCKS and The Whip..
  17. prisoner77

    New series Later with Jools

    Anyone applied for tickets? Will Morrissey be on ?
  18. prisoner77

    Lloyd Cole

    Just thought I'd let anyone who's interested know that he's playing the Theatre Royal, St.Helens on the 6th of May..Nice warm up before Moz on the 10th.
  19. prisoner77

    writing a sitcom

    Just wondered if anyone had any ideas about where to send a script. I saw a Charlie Brooker programme where it was suggested sending stuff to a producer rather than the BBC or channel4..Any info would be gratefully accepted... Thanks.
  20. prisoner77

    Wendy Richards

    She has got cancer of the kidney's and bones.. She say's her health I loved Ms Brahms.
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