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    Have a safe journey Robby.
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    Thanks so much for sharing these with me.
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    I’d love to see those photos.
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    One year ago today you left us. Still sad. Still confused. I fear I will never know why you chose to go. :( My goodness, I sure would like to sit down with you and share a beer or a cup of coffee. You were one of a kind. You are missed and loved by millions.
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'TAT and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'

    I second Robby’s post. So much all at once. I do hope a new opportunity comes your way soon I have a good feeling you will rise above this and find yourself in greener pastures soon.
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'Picking at Scabs'

    Very beautiful and poetic post.
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'On the occasion of surviving a year on Morrissey Solo'

    I am not much of a crier these days as the Prozac has had a drying effect. But I swear tears started to well up in my eyes as I read your beautiful blog entry--your first of many, I hope. I am so glad you joined Solo for I feel blessed to be crossing paths with you. You are very special. Your...
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'weight battle'

    Good job!
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'Overestimator'

    @Violeta Love this: "The stained glass image of them usually cracks once I see that they have no integrity or values. I get tricked into a false sense of security thinking that the person I am opening up to and sharing things with is supportive and mature, but then I come to see who they really...
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    I am an overestimator of people. Time and time again I give them far too much credit and place way too much confidence in their integrity, honesty, intelligence and talent. I suppose because I see the glass half-full that I am susceptible to this chronic overestimation. Not only do I give people...
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'what I like about my new job'

    That's awesome Robby.
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    The List

    There is a waiting list to get an apartment in my community and that list just got shorter by one.
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'The Plight of the Introvert'

    Thanks for sharing your experience Violeta. Here are some fun sayings: It's an extroverted world. Extroverted privilege. I think the latter one explains why the extroverts don't understand the challenges we face, as introverts, in extroverted societies. I think we would like Japan. Silence...
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'Get that thing away from me'

    Hope you feel better. Being sick sucks.
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'Moz Solo Hall of Fame'

    Thanks Robby!
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'The Plight of the Introvert'

    I am not shy but I am very introverted. Drives my family crazy. My mom and son are extroverted. They show and receive love by demonstration: socializing with loved ones. I show it by thinking about them and sharing these thoughts via text or quick phone chat. And by spending planned, quality...
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    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'What couldve been...'

    Is there a lake behind the house?
  19. realitybites

    Comment by 'realitybites' in 'What couldve been...'

    Is that in Georgia?
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    The Plight of the Introvert

    Introversion should not be confused with shyness. Two different concepts. One can identify as a loner yet feel quite secure interacting with others both in familiar and novel environments. Shy folks feel insecure in social settings. They feel inadequate—like they are lacking the necessary skills...
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