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  1. Je Suis Julie

    "Pasolini's ghost (via Morrissey)" - Blog on IFC

    From The Independent Film Channel's blogs: Pasolini's ghost (via Morrissey). By Vadim Rizov on 03/24/2010 On his 2006 single "You Have Killed Me," Morrissey dug deep into the reference well for opening lines that it'd take a...
  2. Je Suis Julie

    Johnny Marr on the trailer for Stooges Raw Power DVD

    And Chrissie Hynde too. Video here: (link from Johnny's site: Is he wearing the same nail polish that Moz wore on tour last year? :eek::guitar: Have...
  3. Je Suis Julie

    Iggy & The Stooges Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    "Come on rich people!" Watch the music execs sweat (can't embed, so click link) :thumb::guitar::guitar:
  4. Je Suis Julie

    Songs for skating: what song would you pick?

    Inspired by this: Songs For Skating: How Would Your Short Program Sound? Pretend you are an Olympic skater. What song do you choose for your program? I like one of the comments in the link above, which suggests the Shangri-La's "Leader of the Pack," complete with a real on-ice...
  5. Je Suis Julie

    Moz GPS - What would it say?

    Moz is your co-pilot.... I was speaking to Scarlet about Morrissey's voice and she casually quipped: "Can you imagine a Morrissey GPS?" and I said "I'd crash the car." So now we wonder: What would you want the World's Best Voice to say as you journey down the highways and byways of life...
  6. Je Suis Julie

    The Jake Ryan / Michael Schoeffling Thread

    Inspired by Corrissey's latest avatar.... Post all your Michael Schoeffling memories / photos / thesis papers here! Let's start with this Morrissey quote, found in one of sistasheila's rare interview scans, entitled "You and I, This Land is Ours" by Ashley Heath. Half of the Frink...
  7. Je Suis Julie

    "Skull" #93 - Pitchfork Top 100 Tracks of 2009 #93 Something Is Squeezing My Skull "After Morrissey's onstage collapse and subsequent pegging by a drink-hurling fan, Years of Refusal's muscular, defiant opener, with its worries about the star's health, feels...
  8. Je Suis Julie

    Years of Refusal: #43 on MySpace's Best of 2009

    This should be MUCH higher, but at least it's there: "Ten years ago, no one would have predicted how this decade would have turned out for Morrissey. When the ’00s kicked off, the semi-retired singer was living as a recluse in the Hollywood Hills...
  9. Je Suis Julie

    The Stooges will finally be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame The other inductees include: Performers: ABBA GENESIS JIMMY CLIFF THE HOLLIES THE STOOGES Ahmet Ertegun Award (nonperformers): DAVID GEFFEN BARRY MANN & CYNTHIA WEIL ELLIE GREENWICH & JEFF BARRY JESSE STONE MORT SHUMAN OTIS BLACKWELL
  10. Je Suis Julie

    NPR's "50 Great Voices" Nominations It's a quick & easy registration process. Go nominate Morrissey - one of the greatest voices ever. :thumb:
  11. Je Suis Julie

    New Statement from Morrissey on True To You 13 September 2009 Statement from Morrissey: I am forced to defend myself - again - from a comment made by Andy Rourke last week on the eyeweekly website. It is a recurring comment whereby Andy confirms that his dismissal from the Smiths...
  12. Je Suis Julie

    Songs of Loutish Stoops - myspace update

    While checking out the new Carol dance mix on Morrissey's MySpace, I noticed a new* Playlist on the music player called "Songs of Loutish Stoops." There are currently 2 songs: Jar Song - Damien Dempsey Alabamy Rights - Sparks And this makes me happy :D Hopefully more Playlist songs are...
  13. Je Suis Julie

    Iggy Pop to reform with the Stooges and play Raw Power for first time in 36 years,00.html AMERICAN rock 'n' roll legend Iggy Pop is planning to reform Iggy and the Stooges to perform their seminal album Raw Power, 36 years after it...
  14. Je Suis Julie

    Ann Arbor Play-By-Play

    Setting this thread up before we leave in a few minutes... I'll try to post as much as possible, but if it all goes awry, I'm sorry in advance! The husband will do most posting inside the venue as I will be concentrating on the music & stuff. I take no responsibility for his opinions and/or...
  15. Je Suis Julie

    Elvis poem fetches $20,000

    By "A short poem Elvis Presley wrote about a dead bird has sold at auction for a staggering $20,000. The King of Rock scrawled the rhyme on a piece of paper after apparently killing a robin that perched on his window ledge...
  16. Je Suis Julie

    The Bowery Play by Play Thread

    Bowery pics from xFranklyx !! (Might as well start a new thread!)
  17. Je Suis Julie

    Happy 50th, Motown

    50 years ago today Barry Gordy Jr. secured an $800 loan to start Motown Records. To celebrate, post some of your favorite Motown artists, songs, memories, photos etc. The official site: I think I need this: From the Motown Museum...
  18. Je Suis Julie

    Ann Arbor, MI - The Michigan Theater - March 31st

    Tickets on sale 1/23 at 10:00 am EST
  19. Je Suis Julie

    Moz Night Light

    Forgive me if this has been posted before, but I just found a unique MySpace page wherein the artist creates and sells rock star night lights (among other things). Her page: Has anyone ever ordered from there, by chance? Here is the light which never...
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