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  1. MozFanNH

    Oct. 22, 2004 Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle

    If anyone has this show I would be eternally grateful. I had downloaded here in times past but unfortunately it was on my old iPod. Thank you 🙏
  2. MozFanNH

    Morrissey 25:Live audio rip?

    I was just watching the blu-ray again tonight and I was wondering if anyone has a download of the audio. Much appreciated....Mark
  3. MozFanNH

    1999 show requests

    :D Hello everybody. I was wondering if anyone had the following shows from 1999. City Hall, Salisbury, UK November 22, 1999 Opera House, Cork, Ireland November 30, 1999 Cox Arena, San Diego, CA December 14, 1999 If you do I would appreciate it. Thanks ahead!!!!
  4. MozFanNH

    Morrissey - BBC Radio Theater - London - February 11, 2009 Here's the set list...good stuff Morrissey - 2009-02-11 - London, UK (BBC radio broadcast [email protected]) 01 - Intro (2:34) 02 - Something Is Squeezing My Skull (2:46) 03 - Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed (4:05) 04 - Black Cloud (3:36) 05 - This...
  5. MozFanNH

    Everyday is Like Sunday lyrics query

    :confused: Has Moz ever said "etch on a postcard" live? Or has it always been changed to "scratch on a postcard"?
  6. MozFanNH

    Billy Idol @ Hammerstein Ballroom NYC 8/26/08

    :guitar: If anyone gets a chance to see Billy Idol this summer you will not be disappointed. The show last night was outstanding. He has a new best of album out Idolize Yourself with some new material that is quite good. Here's the set-list from last night....the order will be screwed up a bit...
  7. MozFanNH

    Some assorted shows to share

    :D This is for some new members to the's my chance to return the favor. Here are some shows I have gotten from the fine people here, so I am reposting them in an effort to provide what I so completely appreciate. Morrissey - St. George's Bradford 2/16/1995...
  8. MozFanNH

    Billy Idol bootlegs?

    :confused: Wondering if any of these are floating around...thanks...Mark
  9. MozFanNH

    Morrissey - Tabernacle, GA - 10/22/2004

    :D I know this has been posted a few times....but I love this for the newbies who may not have it....enjoy....
  10. MozFanNH

    Morrissey - Live Under The Bradford Sky - 2002

    :D Enjoy folks....Live From St. Georges Hall......hope this works!!!! Here's the set-list.... Set List: I Want The One I Can't Have / Suedehead / Little Man, What Now? / Hairdresser On Fire / Speedway / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / The...
  11. MozFanNH

    Subway Train/Everyday Is Like Sunday Atlanta 2004

    :D One of my favorites....enjoy....
  12. MozFanNH

    My first download sharing attempt....There is a Light That Never Goes Out

    :D Ok's my first attempt.....I hope this works....if not my fellow experts can help me out.... This is "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" from Tabernacle, GA - 10/22/2004. I know everybody has this...just want to see if it works. Now...
  13. MozFanNH

    The Smiths: Still ILL - DVD Documentary?

    :D Hi everybody.....I am not looking for a download of this. I was just wondering how it's on it's way from Netflix tomorrow. I just got finished with the DVD "Is It Really So Strange?" which I found to be a real snoozer. So I am hoping this one is better....thanks...Mark
  14. MozFanNH

    AOL Sessions EP Bootleg?

    :D If anyone has this I would love to hear it....thanks, Mark 28 August 2004 Carling Festival, Reading How Soon is Now? November Spawned A Monster First Of The Gang To Die I Like You Subway Train/Everyday Is Like Sunday Shoplifters Of The World Unite Irish Blood, English Heart...
  15. MozFanNH

    Have these songs been performed live?

    :eek: Thanks for any info you can pass on.... Viva Hate - Bengali In Platforms, The Ordinary Boys, I Don't Mind If You Forget Me, Dial-A-Cliche, Margaret On The Guillotine Bona Drag - Lucky Lisp Kill Uncle - Found Found Found, The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye, Tony the Pony...
  16. MozFanNH

    The Smiths - Oxford - 3/18/1985

    :rolleyes: Hi everybody....does a bootleg of this show exist? Thanks, Mark
  17. MozFanNH

    Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning Live?

    :D Does anyone have this track recorded live? Thanks, Mark
  18. MozFanNH

    Interlude live?

    :confused: Hello everybody. Has Morrissey ever performed Interlude live with Siouxsie? Thanks for the help...Mark
  19. MozFanNH

    Is The Smiths - Pier 84 - New York/NY 8/6/86 available

    :confused: A friend of mine (who introduced me to the Smiths/Morrissey last year) was at this show. If I could get him a copy of this concert he would be thrilled. Any help would be appreciated....thanks...Mark
  20. MozFanNH

    Does anyone have these songs?

    ;) "(I'm) The End Of The Family Line", and any live versions from the recent tour of , "The Father Who Must Be Killed"....if it has been performed. Thanks ahead...Mark
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