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  1. Shaw

    Any idea where this shirt is from?

    who makes it, where is it sold, etc? Cheers muchly
  2. Shaw

    Michaels Bones?

    I'm a beginner so don't have much an ear for chords. Can anybody help me on this song please? Thanks very much
  3. Shaw

    Morrissey and Jake Thackray

    On Jake's Wikipedia page it says Morrissey was influenced by the brilliant man, which I completely believe due to the nature of Thackray's music. However, I don't know specifically where he said that? Anybody know?
  4. Shaw

    Johnny Marr talks about record shops When I was growing up in Manchester, all the record shops I went to were independent, but you didn't think of them like that. They weren't necessarily specialist, just cool places. The stock was...
  5. Shaw

    Jacques Brel

    I am a huge fan of Brel and I find it odd that Morrissey hasn't, as far as I'm aware, at least mentioned Brel. I would've thought Brel would be someone Morrissey would find many things to like, Brel's biting wit, his scathing hate for many things, his self-depreciation, his stunning lyrics with...
  6. Shaw

    Req: 'My Top Ten'

    I'm looking for an interview he did in 1984 with Andy Peebles on radio one. I used to listen to this interview so much I could probably recite every single word (:crazy:) However the computer it was on packed up so I lost it :( I know it was broadcast again a few years ago too. Thank you kindly
  7. Shaw

    Diana Dors - Was she ever nearly used for a sleeve?

    Ok, so I know she's on the singles album. Did Morrissey ever plan to put her on a sleeve of a single but thought otherwise at the last minute?
  8. Shaw

    Enhanced CD help

    Basically when i put the new Boy Happy single in my computer it only plays the video and i can't seem to access the tracks. However when i put it in my DVD player it only plays the tracks and not the video:confused: :confused: Anyone know of any cure?
  9. Shaw

    Lost An Interview - Anyone help?

    I can;t remember where it was from/when it was. It was from a magazine and in the initial paragraph it says something about morrissey taking ages to reply but since it was so good they had to show or something:confused: Also another part also remember there being a picture of him lying down...
  10. Shaw

    Kristeen Young bootlegs

    Anyone got any of decent quality? Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
  11. Shaw

    A Few Requests

    Would anyone be so kind to upload any of these off the Ringleader tour? - If You Don't Like Me.... - We'll Let You Know - Street Life - Now My Heart Is Full - Don't Make Fun Of.... Thanks.
  12. Shaw

    Pics From Jools Holland Last Night

    Anyone got any of him in his Tux from last night?
  13. Shaw

    Operal House Or Bridgewater

    Anyone got any spares? Cheers.
  14. Shaw

    Song Requests

    Post them here so we don't get loads of threads asking for different tracks to be uploaded.
  15. Shaw

    Couple of suggestions

    1. Resurect the chatroom. 2. Incorporate a "new posts" search button next to the "Usercp" button.
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