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  1. mozziestar

    15 minutes with Moz, oh I wouldn't say "no". What would you say?

    Given that Moz has heard every possible rant and rave from adoring fans through the years, what would you say to him if given the opportunity?
  2. mozziestar

    Pure comedy!

    Hi friends, Please stop by my new blog for your daily dose of COMIC relief, check out... or
  3. mozziestar

    The Importance of being Morrissey

    Greetings friends, I viewed the "Importance of being Morrissey" documentary this weekend and was curious as to other fans' take on a particular part of the interview. There is a scene where Moz is visiting a burlesque type club, where the women dancers are scantily-clad. I watched the clip...
  4. mozziestar

    Why I'm convinced Morrissey should marry me

    Right. So, I've spent 20 years pondering this and I'm fairly certain (like all of you ladies on the forum) that Morrissey should marry me, immediately, if at all possible. 5. We have identical tastes in music...him, him and well, him. 4. We both think Oscar Wilde was a brilliant lad even...
  5. mozziestar

    Any Atlanta fans on here?

    Hello all, I've been trying to connect with other Moz fans in my local area for friendship and maybe some concerts. I can't seem to find anyone with my musical tastes, nor admiration for 'you know who'...There must be others out there. Anyhow, here's to hoping. :) [email protected]
  6. mozziestar


    I'm looking for some new music recommendations from those with similar music tastes. Moz ranks #1 on my list, followed by The Beautiful South, Depeche Mode, Llloyd Cole, etc. Quality lyrics keep my attention over anything else. Please share any of your favorites. Thanks, mozziestar
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