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  1. MOZtonMA

    Morrissey shopping at Posers Hollywood

    Morrissey looking very handsome while shopping at Posers Hollywood. From the store's site: "The largest Fred Perry retailer in the world. Exclusive Dr. Martens store - George Cox original creepers – Ben Sherman – Merc – TUK – Gripfast - Lonsdale – Vespa – Lambretta – and many more brands"...
  2. MOZtonMA

    92' Tour "Skinbyrds" Tshirt

    The reprints are fabulous and include the dates on back.
  3. MOZtonMA

    US Tour: what shows are you going to?

    My calendar Boston Portland, ME Burlington
  4. MOZtonMA

    "Stay As You Are" confirmed?

    From the recent interview with Jonny Bridgwood: JB: Well there was a song off Vauxhall and I called Stay as you are but it never had a vocal on it. It never got beyond backing track. If Morrissey didn’t think it could work it was shelved. The last I knew there was a debate about this...
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