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  1. gretchenraine

    Morrissey Sundays in Columbus, Ohio

    This is, so far, a 3-week event beginning January 16 and also occurring on January 23 and 30. They are offering free vegan/veg food as long as it lasts this Sunday only.
  2. gretchenraine

    3-year old crying over the singer she loves!

    I feel for this little girl like you would not believe and I don't know ANYTHING about this Justin Bieber person. Apparently this was a very popular video but I didn't see it until tonight. Embedding was disabled so here's the link: Stick it...
  3. gretchenraine

    Question about members on 'ignore'

    Do the administrators keep track of which members are placed on ignore by other members? If someone posted something that triggered a great number of members to put that person on ignore, I was curious if the moderators would be alerted to that somehow. It seems like this would be...
  4. gretchenraine

    Crafty folks! What do you do with a broken cd?

    I tossed some bottled water onto my car's passenger seat over the holidays and broke my Years of Refusal cd! Cracked from the center to the outer edge - all the way through. :tears: I'm getting new copy to replace it, but I feel bad throwing away a Morrissey cd, even if it is broken. Does...
  5. gretchenraine

    Eminem pics for charity

    Hi, I can't imagine that there are a lot of Eminem fans floating around a Morrissey website, but in case you know any Eminem fans and need to get them a gift....For $25 Marshall will sign a pic of him as Santa with you superimposed sitting on his lap, and all the money goes to his Marshall...
  6. gretchenraine


    One thing I wish was that we could click on the avatars to see them bigger. A couple people who post on the other threads have sort of interesting drawings as avatars and I have no idea what the heck they are. And if anybody has text on their avatar and I don't have my glasses on , forget it...
  7. gretchenraine

    Do you have a personalized license plate on your car?

    I was wondering if anybody else had vanity plates and if so, what yours say. Mine say 'FAIR FAN' because I compete in craft competitions at the state and county fairs every summer and am know for getting abnormally excited about it. People have interpreted it other ways too... fair-weather...
  8. gretchenraine

    Member's Birthdays

    I wish either I could see the current WEEK'S birthdays or had access to the whole birthday list. If there is already a way to look at this, then I need clued-in. I'm always afraid that if I'm gone for a day I'm going to miss the special day of one of my peeps. If people saw a week at a...
  9. gretchenraine

    Happy Birthday Crystal Geezer!!!

    Happy Birthday to: Have a wonderful day!! :flowers:
  10. gretchenraine

    Morrissey-Related Holiday Gifts for 2009

    It's the first day of fall and, to me, that means the holiday season has begun! What Morrissey-related gifts will you be getting people or asking for this year? I'm asking for Mozepedia and if I can stop myself from buying it beforehand, Swords for my birthday in November.
  11. gretchenraine

    Dedicate a song to Morrissey

    I did a search of the threads and found several to dedicate a song to other solo members but none to dedicate a song to Morrissey. I thought dedicating a song would be nice way to share your feelings for Mozzy while also expressing your own musical interests. Only rule: NO SMITHS OR...
  12. gretchenraine

    Happy Birthday Girl-with-the-Thorn!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL-WITH-THE-THORN!!! Over a 1000 posts, in the with the die-hards, and preparing for her FIRST Morrissey concert!!! LOVE YA!
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