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  1. SweetBoy

    Youtube to mp3?

    Quick question, what is the best program to go from YouTube to mp3? There are several concert clips I’d like to add to my collection. Thanks in advance. 🤓
  2. SweetBoy

    Will Never Marry - 15.06.13 - ATL

    This is my first upload share so I hope it works. Recorded with my iPhone from 15.06.13 @ ATL. In my humble opinion, this version of WNM is very unique with him adding and repeating the words 'big surprise'. Its actually from video I shot and the audio turned out really good. Below is a link...
  3. SweetBoy

    'Bigmouth Strikes Again' fan made extended version?

    Can anyone be so kind as to repost the fan made extended version of Bigmouth Strikes Again? Greatly appreciated. :-)~
  4. SweetBoy

    Why reform the Smiths? Just add Marr!

    Why all the fervor over the Smiths reforming? Why cant Moz just pick up Marr for one of his tours? They dont need to do an album together, they just need to play together on stage!
  5. SweetBoy

    A few vids from Durham, NC 03.11.09

    I smuggled in my digital cam and snagged a few songs. It was hard to be still, keep camera outta sight, keep decent framing, watch for security and still enjoy the show! but it was worth it! :) Ask Me How Can Anybody Know...
  6. SweetBoy

    'Public Image' live?

    Has the song 'Public Image' ever been played live?
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