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  1. Paris Hilton

    What word do you search for at porn sites?

    I've never been "on" Perez Hilton :confused: that was Rick Salomon!
  2. Paris Hilton

    C. Ronaldo > Real Madrid £80m

    I'll buy him! :love:
  3. Paris Hilton

    NRITH Boardicides???

    This is NRITH.
  4. Paris Hilton

    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    damonalbarn in case anybody is interested
  5. Paris Hilton

    Robby is still a total f***tard

    Does anyone here know where they grow the potatoes that they make curly fries from?
  6. Paris Hilton

    People with celebrities as usernames

    gender? I don't even know 'er.
  7. Paris Hilton

    Meet up with friend or go to concert I was already supposed to go to...

    Friends don't let friends miss concerts. There's always afterwards.
  8. Paris Hilton

    anyone met people off this site

    I met Norman at 2 in the morning at a Dunkin'Donuts in Abeline.
  9. Paris Hilton

    Oh my Robby, It's God!

    i wasn't mocking it at all and I wonder why everyone thinks I was? I once saw a picture of robby dressed like a krishna and I just thought I'd ask is all. I guess it was just for Halloween or something? Drugs cost lots of money so if you can get high for free it's better. Is that why...
  10. Paris Hilton

    Oh my Robby, It's God!

    Robby tell me true! Were you really a hari krisha after the war so you could get high without drugs? Did it work?? I love chanting and incense and Pema Chodron but I'd look like Moby if I shaved my head. I put this in here because that's where somebody'd move it anyway, rite?
  11. Paris Hilton

    Super "William" Han(d)s

    All your base are belong to Dave, sucka.
  12. Paris Hilton

    Advice needed!

    I have a science question: how long can a loser guy do this to a corpse before the equipment rots?
  13. Paris Hilton

    What did make you smile today?

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