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  1. Paris Hilton

    Oh my Robby, It's God!

    Robby tell me true! Were you really a hari krisha after the war so you could get high without drugs? Did it work?? I love chanting and incense and Pema Chodron but I'd look like Moby if I shaved my head. I put this in here because that's where somebody'd move it anyway, rite?
  2. Paris Hilton

    Would You Ever Adopt A Baby Of A Different Race?

    I'm going to Somalia to adopt a pirate baby. I hope it looks like Johnny Depp.
  3. Paris Hilton

    2000! Jolly Good Show Cornelius Blaze!!!

    You're a supastah!
  4. Paris Hilton

    Things Mods Should Write A Song About

    I think the mods here should form a band. Kewpie on keyboards, Skinny on guitar, bored on drums, Tutugal on bass. They'd sound like The Archies.
  5. Paris Hilton

    Is the forum less interesting without Wally the Baboon?

    Tell mama all about it here. Edit: this was supposed to be a poll but I messed up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vote anyway, pls!
  6. Paris Hilton

    Mike Joyce look alike

    It's uncanny!
  7. Paris Hilton

    Crossroads Part Two

    The old thread got indexed so let's try this again, same first question.... Coffee or Tea?
  8. Paris Hilton

    Are you Morrissey?

    why do you come here?
  9. Paris Hilton

    Are You Dave?

    NRITH wants to know!
  10. Paris Hilton

    Dedicate a Song to a Solo Member, Pigsty Edition

    For NRITH
  11. Paris Hilton

    FAO Crystal Geezer!
  12. Paris Hilton

    I Have A Disease

    It first started when I was a little girl and the nanny bought us some little cups of green jello to bring to the park. When I was about 12 I had my first jello shot at a White Trash party. It was topped with brandied cool whip. It was in a little beige dixie cup, the kind that poor people...
  13. Paris Hilton

    Yooo Hoooo!! Votes For Me!

    Don't I look totally hot in animal print????? I have time to be the President. I totally do!! And I'll donate my salary to the less fortunate. :P
  14. Paris Hilton

    The Sexy BAD GIRL frink thread

    Bad girls can be sexy, too, even in orange coveralls!! If that boy Robby was still here, he could post a ton of pics. Since he isn't, please post your sexy bad girls here.
  15. Paris Hilton

    Johnny Cash

    I'm really getting into his mid-period and later stuff lately. Does anybody else here like him?
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