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  1. shoey

    Morrissey on Radio 4 Wednesday 18th Feb

    Morrissey on Radio 4-maybe! Can't promise anything but my Mum's just rung to say she heard something on Radio 4 about Morrissey being on Front Row (arts prog) either tonight or tomorrow at 7 15. I can't find any details but she swears it's true!
  2. shoey

    Doncaster 08 encore audio (FOTG)

    soundofthenorth has ripped the audio from mozmal's Doncaster video to 'complete' the audio bootleg. First of the gang to die live from Doncaster: Many, many thanks to you both!!
  3. shoey

    Russell does it again

    Apologies if this is of no interest, but Russell Brand managed to get the Smiths on BBC1 late last night when he came on to present his chunk of Comic Relief to 'Sweet and Tender Hooligan' - good lad!
  4. shoey

    Glasgow 2002

    Here's Glasgow Barrowlands, 3rd Nov 2002 Good audience recording, information can be found on the excellent Enjoy!
  5. shoey

    Dublin 2nd October 2002

    In case anyone wants this one have I posted it in the thread with the boot from the 3rd. Enjoy!
  6. shoey

    Dublin 3rd Oct 2002 (incl Nothing Rhymed)

    I think I've finally sorted out my boots now so here goes-one I've not seen posted (and including an interesting cover) so hopefully it'll be of use to some of you. 3rd October 2002- Ambassador Theatre, Dublin, Ireland Not of the best quality but I needed it as I was there..... First time...
  7. shoey

    Liverpool Royal Court 11/11/1999

    Here's one I bought a long time ago- not seen it for upload and I'm pretty sure it's not on Bob's list! The quality isn't the best but I wanted it as I was there! Track list from akiraware- 01 - You´re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side 02 - Boy...
  8. shoey

    Blackpool 2004

    As requested by SNS22...... Blackpool, Empress Ballroom, 4/9/04 OK audience recording Thanks to soundofthenorth for originally uploading it!
  9. shoey

    Fresno 2002

    For ShynessIsNice and anyone else who wants it..... Fresno, CA, Rainbow Ballroom, Sept 10 2002 Good audience recording enjoy!
  10. shoey

    Blackburn 2002

    King George's Hall, 2nd November 2002, OK audience recording of yet another fantastic night. Another one I haven't seen on the forums-got it off ebay or in a trade I think-enjoy!
  11. shoey

    Halloween 2002

    Here's Morrissey 'Under the Bradford Sky', St George's Hall, Bradford, UK, 31st October 2002 Ok audience recording, sometimes a little too much audience but I thought it would be a good one as Halloween is coming up and I've not seen this one on the forum. Top night, the gong looked like a...
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