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  1. lucky lisp

    R.I.P Les Paul

    God father of the electric guitar Pioneer of multi track recordings Another true legend lost. :guitar:
  2. lucky lisp

    My Dads Birthday

    my Dads 75th birthday today I lost him last year and im still struggling to come to terms with it .I miss him so much
  3. lucky lisp

    Happy Bithday

    Happy birthday to Miles William Morrissey .....2 today
  4. lucky lisp

    A Happy St.Georges Day

    St Georges Day is somewhat low key in England .It is the one day of the year to celebrate Englishness but the reality is most of us prefer instead to celebrate St Patricks day .It may be because the Irish saints day is more fun given its association with the booze .Or maybe that we simply arent...
  5. lucky lisp

    My Fathers Funeral !

    TodaY Has been my Fathers funeral .Moz music has helped me so much ! I am priveliged to have his music and true friends from solo ,Thank you xxx :guitar:
  6. lucky lisp

    Ringo Starr Thread

    Great to see Ringo ,He looks wonderful ,some of his tunes good too
  7. lucky lisp

    Absent Friends

    Absent friends ,heres to them ,thinking of people no longer with us
  8. lucky lisp

    I am so very sickened!

    The people on Ebay who are selling tickets for The Manchester v Cancer gig at double the face value sicken me ,making money on the back of a charity gig , disgusting !
  9. lucky lisp

    Loosing Touch

    Is moz loosing touch or maybe hes just getting older??
  10. lucky lisp

    Buskers Of The World Unite

    Next weekend Andy Rouke attempts top break a world busking record in Manchester city centre .He is hoping volunteers will join him on 13th january in the world record attempt to help raise awarenessof his fundraising event ,versus cancer which he is organising for a second time in March...
  11. lucky lisp

    Absent Friends

    for all who are missing loved ones God Bless you all x
  12. lucky lisp

    touts g mex 23rd

    wonder what the touts will be asking outside tomoro night ?
  13. lucky lisp

    Newest Member

    Miles William 1 week old ,manchester VIVA MOZ !
  14. lucky lisp

    your fave Moz moves ?

    mines when hes dancing to None on can hold a candle on who put the M in manchester mmmmmm so sexy !
  15. lucky lisp

    Ones own company

    I wonder does Morrissey still spend much of his time alone ?
  16. lucky lisp


    help! cant use megaupload for some strange reason ! could anyone post marley park gig from other source plz cheers !
  17. lucky lisp

    manchester v cancer

    Plz can anyone post J .Marr and A. Rouke at the Manchester v Cancer gig earlier this year ? cheers !
  18. lucky lisp

    Are you more of a Morrissey or a Smiths fan ?

    I love the bones of Morrissey but wonder would he be where is today if he had launched straight into a solo career without The Smiths
  19. lucky lisp

    most listened to Moz /smiths songs ?

    I find myself always going back to Crashing bores ,must be my most played track ! it !
  20. lucky lisp

    request raymonde

    could anybody kindly upload Raymonde .Babelogue .....cheers in advance !
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