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  1. Eraserhead

    Is There is a Light That Never Goes Out actually anyone's favourite?

    Although on average, it appears to be the most popular song among fans, does anyone actually consider it to be the purest example of Morrissey or The Smiths at their best? If you had to pick one song, what would it be? Sorry if this has been covered before. I'm just curious. There are many...
  2. Eraserhead

    Soul love

    Only just noticed this the other day. In "We'll let you know"(We will descend on anyone unable to defend themselves..), Morrissey subtly references Bowie's excellent "Soul love",(Love descends on those defenceless). Apologies if this is common knowledge or uninteresting. I just had'nt...
  3. Eraserhead

    10 Underrated solo songs

    1. I'll never be anybody's hero now 2. Ammunition 3. He cried 4. Because of my poor education 5. I'm not sorry 6. How can anybody possibly know how I feel? 7. Sweetie-pie 8. I'm ok by myself 9. Friday mourning 10. Good looking man about town
  4. Eraserhead

    Never had no Christmas ever

    Okay. It's time to vote for the most Christmassy sounding Morrissey/Smiths songs. :thumb: :ha-no:
  5. Eraserhead

    Voices of the real and the imagined

    I'm interested in Morrissey's usage of sound/voice samplings that tend to reference films etc whilst making oblique hints and gestures. For example, the sample at the end of Billy Budd is from David Lean's version of Oliver Twist: "Don't leave us in the dark". In the context of the song it seems...
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