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  1. Sami

  2. Sami

    Simple Minds - Love Will Tear Us Apart

    Hi, any chance of an upload of the Simple Minds cover from "Neon Lights" please??? I'd appreciate it immensely, thanks
  3. Sami


    Greetings, after resistance by certain rotters here, thankfully I can announce my return to Morrissey-Solo forum, been quite a while, lurching but no posting, anyway - jon about? lol cheers, Sami.
  4. Sami

    Greatest Glam Rock Act

    hey! who do you think was the best glam rock act during the early to late 1970s?
  5. Sami

    Prostitutes In Blackburn

    Did anyone notice, when driving out of Blackburn, the high proportion of prostitutes and dark alleys with red car lights down them? I thought for such a small area (well where the king george is at least) there were many ladies-of-the-night, but i did get lost while leaving Blackburn.
  6. Sami

    Blackburn standing

    anyone have a ticket they're willing to sell and based in the north west??? thanks a lot
  7. Sami

    1 ticket needed for blackburn

    1 ticket needed for blackburn, preferably standing - thanks
  8. Sami

    Photos from Last Night

    I'm wondering does anyone have a pic of me being grappled to the ground and shaking Morrissey's hand on the right hand side of the venue or on the left hand side during IBEH?? i'd be eternally grateful - thanks
  9. Sami

    Morrissey held my hand twice!!

    I had an amazing night, the yellow-shirted thugs were terrible, but i managed to run into them, about 5 of them jumped on me and i reached out to morrissey screaming his name, he laughed and held my hand THEN I GOT THROWN OUT!!! but i re-entered, went across the central seating area to the left...
  10. Sami

    Paul "freeyourself"

    isn't it time you realized you're universally disdained and shouldn't frequent this site?? why do you keep coming back for more? are you ill in the head?? do you have hormonal isssues is that why you're big? Paul is right now in the chat room threatening to abuse me nice to see his newest...
  11. Sami

    Opera House Gig

    a great gig - the usuals, still ill, FOTGTD, HSIN, Pigsty, Trouble Loves Me, Gang Lords, See You, You Have Killed Me, Girlfriend in a Coma - and some others but not in that order, and that stupid bint in front of me who kept goin on about him playing "Girl Afraid" or "What Difference Does It...
  12. Sami

    sid vicious user

    who is he?? he sent me a pm saying "i know who you are you scummy c**nt"?? lol could anyone please elaborate
  13. Sami

    Forcibly removed from Morrissey gig

    I heard through the grapevine that someone was removed from the gig last night, anyone know who? lol
  14. Sami

    Ed Wood

    The Orson Welles of C-Movies - what a guy, it's such a shame he didn't get the respect when he was alive that he gets now - sad.
  15. Sami

    Why are so many Morrissey fans.... utterly malodorous - granted i've met some nice people through Morrissey - but a number of them make me wanto happyslap 'em
  16. Sami

    The Spanish-Peruvian War of 1865-1866

    Interesting topic don't you think?? I've been reading much about it
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