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  1. MindlessRuffian

    Westboro Baptist Church is coming to RU to protest Apparently they're coming to protest outside of Rutgers like 8 in the morning. I'm sure that'll totally make an impact on hungover college students:thumb: Hillel has released a statement on it...
  2. MindlessRuffian

    This guy cracks me up

    I thought maybe some of you would get the same enjoyment out of this. His "about me": "I am a white American male, and I hate white women. In a nutshell, white women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of...
  3. MindlessRuffian

    Ear Stretching

    Any of you stretch your ears? If so, what size are you up to? I'm trying to go from a 00 to 7/16...but the taper isn't budging...I don't want a blow out or for my ear to split. Any suggestions?
  4. MindlessRuffian

    Advice: College financial garbage

    I go to Rutgers University and have been officially "RU Screwed":mad:. I got an email on Monday telling me I owe $2000, so I thought "Okay, lemme gather that..." then I get an email on Wednesday telling me that if I don't pay up by noon Thursday, I'm deregistered from my classes. :tears: I...
  5. MindlessRuffian

    I got my tattoo today!

    I like it a lot :D I thought it was going to hurt so much that I'd hate Moz by the time it was finished:p
  6. MindlessRuffian

    Morrissey tattoo---gladiolus?

    I'm going tomorrow to have my tattoo drawn up so I can get it done on my 18th birthday (August 17th). I want it to say Morrissey and have gladiolus in it somewhere. I'm not 100% sure of the specific design. Now, I was trying to find pictures of Moz with gladiolus, but the majority of those...
  7. MindlessRuffian

    Balcony, Hammerstein, Oct 26th

    I have an extra first balcony ticket for Oct 26th. I'm desperate and pretty much going half price on it. I don't have any Moz fan friends to sell to or go here I am... [email protected] or DXS
  8. MindlessRuffian

    I just ordered

    I just ordered my ticket for Hammerstein on Oct 26 and I'm having a problem locating exactly where my ticket allows me to be. It says MEZZ1 but I have no idea what quite that means and the venue layout is of no help whatsoever. Anyone?
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