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    "Brandon Flowers Bans His Kids From Listening To Morrissey's Songs Due To His Racist Views" - Aceshowbiz (April 18, 2020)

    Well done Brandon. Morrissey has to be called out on his disgusting views. It’s shameful how people on this site continue to contort themselves to justify his vile outpourings.
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    IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

    Hilarious. Serves him right for his wretched political views. Shame on those who still try and make excuses for him
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    I Am Not A Dog on A Chain enters UK album charts at number 3

    I’m delighted his sales are down. his recent pronouncements are disgusting and all the gaslighting on this site is incredibly depressing. If you continue to support Morrissey and his obnoxious views then shame on you
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    Salford Star review by Ian Leslie - IANADOAC 4/5

    Objectively he does now hold horrid views. When you’re down in the muck with scum like Farage and Britain First you don’t get a pass
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    Morrissey Central "iTunes Today (Friday)" (March 21, 2020)

    Some of the tunes are ok, hardly his best work. His politics are just so utterly obnoxious now.
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