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    Smiths Westwood one show 93-40 2 cd set

    For sale is the Westwood one Smiths 2 cd set. Tracks are collected from Kilburn 86 and oxford 85. Kilburn tracks: TQID Panic Vicar There is a light Ask Is it really so strange How soon Bigmouth Oxford William Stretch That joke Shakespeare Headmaster Still Ill Meat is murder Miserable lie...
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    Looking for silver backed bootlegs

    Hey David -- have a few Smiths silver cds i'm looking to unload: Smiths - Unloveable Smiths - Reel Around the Fountain Smiths - Girl Afraid Smiths - Same Day Again Smiths - Shoplifters from Manchester Smiths - The Hand that Rocks the Cradle I may have a few more - but let me know if interested...
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    Japanese and live cds for sale

    Looking to get rid of some items -- a few japanese cds and a few silver pressed boot cds: Japanese mini lp cd releases: S/T album The World Won't Listen Hatful Japanese 32JC-129 cd - no obi Self titled 35JC-102 with sticker obi taped to case boots: Morrissey 1959-1986 Smiths -- Before Love...
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