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  1. ringrosso

    Education In Reverse - what’s it worth?

    Assuming it is EX/EX What is Education In Reverse worth? Many thanks,
  2. ringrosso

    CS different vinyl versions

    Is there’s a difference, other than the colour of the vinyl, between the regular and Ltd Ed. Versions of CS? Thx.
  3. ringrosso

    Your are the Quarry - chances of vinyl reissue?

    It's all in the title really...10 years on, what are the chances of a reissue, particularly a vinyl one? Just thought I'd get people's opinions.
  4. ringrosso

    Rhino Vinyl - The Smiths Reissues

    It's been done a while ago but I thought I would ask this question again as people's views change over time. Are the Smiths reissues worth buying on vinyl? Is there an improvement on the original RT records, I'm also interested if the LTB Sire version has been improved upon. I'm guessing some...
  5. ringrosso

    This Charming Man T Shirt

    I was looking for a shirt on ebay and came across this
  6. ringrosso

    The Smiths Rock Band 3

    Does anyone know if it possible to get the 13 or so instrumental Smiths tracks that were included on Rock Band 3? Cheers, R
  7. ringrosso

    Vauxhall up on Recordstore UK

    Links up for pre-order on Recordstore UK http://
  8. ringrosso

    When Last I Spoke To Carol

    Hi could someone tell me if When Last I Spoke To Carol - Morrissey Nortec Mix by pepemogt is the same as the Tijuana version mentioned on PJLM? Cheers R
  9. ringrosso

    REQ - Revelation Bootleg

    Would someone please post the REVELATION bootleg? Many, many thanks in advance.
  10. ringrosso

    Request - Liverpool Empire, 24/07/91

    Does anyone how this and is willing to share? Or a link would be good. :) Many thanks,
  11. ringrosso

    Satan Rejected My Soul - TFI FRIDAY

    I converted the VHS video audio to MP3 http:// After checking the file it seems I may have uploaded a different file - possibly from another source. If that's the case I can't give the originator the credit as I don't have it - sorry. In any case...
  12. ringrosso

    Messengers (80's band)

    Hi I made a request approx a year ago for info/help on finding a cd by an 80's band called Messengers - they had 3 singles out in 83/84. They were a regular support band for Ultravox. Anyhow the cd is called “It's Been Twenty Years, Let's Try Turning Up The Volume” and I believe was issued...
  13. ringrosso

    Emma Stone

    I'd really like to touch Emma Stone. :blushing:
  14. ringrosso


    I'm trying to find a few of releases by the 80s band Messengers - they are best known for supporting Ultravox. I'm after anything but particularly an album It's Been Twenty Years, Let's Try Turning Up the Volume I think they also had 3 singles out. Can anyone please help?
  15. ringrosso

    Strange Cruise

    Messengers 12345
  16. ringrosso

    Original Southpaw

    Hi, What should I expect to pay for a NM Southpaw original UK CD? Thanks
  17. ringrosso

    Moz/Smiths books

    Has a comprehensive list of Moz/Smiths books be compiled here on solo? I'd be interested in everything even the ones inspired by song titles & lyrics. ! I have searched but drawn a blank - can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm guessing there is a link somewhere.
  18. ringrosso

    Julian Cope

    I'm a fan of the Archdrude Julian Cope...there I said it. Phew! - Never knew coming out would be so cathartic. :guitar:
  19. ringrosso

    Your Arsenal

    I've just been looking at my CD of YA. On the disc itself I have spotted that under the tracklisting it says "Trk1 taken from the forthcoming album "Your Arsenal" Is this usual? I bought it some time after release as I only bought vinyl at the time.
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