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  1. Nats1977

    'f***' says Morrissey and the band

    Re: Morrissey and the band have a message for you. Do we have a photo??
  2. Nats1977

    Getting back from Dunfermline

    God Bless the Moz bus.....
  3. Nats1977

    mideweek ALBUM chart

    Nope. hmv used to be owned by EMI and relations have always been decent. There is a lot of problems in both companies though so it could be distribution problems from either - Moz seems to think its EMI's issue.
  4. Nats1977

    mideweek ALBUM chart

    To clarify - hmv ordered it but it hasn't arrived - EMI's mess it seems going by the statement as its not the only EMI release not to arrive in store in the last fortnight.
  5. Nats1977

    Morrissey's autobiography discussed in The Independent 22/4/11

    John Wilson from Radio 4 just tweeted: @JohnWilson14 Penguin to offer Morrissey 'classic' deal? If true I'm surely in line a slice! Let's call it 10%, eh Moz? Article link here...
  6. Nats1977


    Oh oh Bob were you at the Drawn to the Deep End launch at the old Antheneum theatre on Buchanan St?! And if you both went to all the Gene shows you might remember this: Finally Gene had made the big time and were headlining the Barras (1997?) and I was so excited, My friends in brand new...
  7. Nats1977

    The Queen Is Dead 10" LP re-print for Record Store Day

    AGREED! I much prefer monorail but I had to go straight to work at my multi-story empire across the road straight after so I didn't have time to go down there - remind me to take the day off next year ;-)
  8. Nats1977


    What a lovely thread this is! I think your memories are similar to mine and I left the comfort of the Falkirk indie scene to dance in the Egg a few times ;-) My highlights of the era: Supergrass at Tuts supported by The Bluetones Sitting at the NME stage compered by John Peel for the whole of...
  9. Nats1977

    The Queen Is Dead 10" LP re-print for Record Store Day

    I'm pleased for you mate but well pissed off!! I was 10th in the queue at "Lovemusic" (worst name for a record shop ever) and they had already sold out - although obviously not. This is a family forum so I'll not tell you where they can go....
  10. Nats1977

    The Venues - what kind of places are these?

    If Morrissey comes on in a kilt I'll know I have died and gone to heaven...
  11. Nats1977

    2011 Tour

    Both those bands are from Grangemouth where I grew up - I have never heard anyone reference Lowlife before! Good on ya! p.s. Moz loves the Scots cos we are misfits like him,,, ;-)
  12. Nats1977

    2011 Tour

    Re: Tour!!!!! What absolutley RANDOM places to play! I can get to about 3 of the Scottish dates though so not complaining! Wish me luck getting someone to come to Dunoon and Dunfermline with me, mind...
  13. Nats1977

    Morrissey confirmed for Hop Farm Festival

    I'm with you. I can't imagine how much this year could cost me if he does a full tour and in this current economic climate it would be a bit daft for me to go too far afield - not even sure how I would get to Kent! Lets just keep fingers crossed for the usual glut of Scottish dates where we can...
  14. Nats1977

    Morrissey is in Dublin

    He is in the Clarence Hotel apparently - obviously just following twitter reports too so don't shoot the messenger!!
  15. Nats1977

    Billy Bragg & Morrissey - previously unseen picture

    Haha I just came over here to post this but you beat me to it! Bragg says: I'm quoted in this month's Mojo as saying that, while on tour with the Smiths in Canada in 1985, me and Morrissey went on one of the rides at Kingswood in Toronto wearing Hawaiian shirts and summer shorts. Doubt has been...
  16. Nats1977

    Strangeways glasgow

    Was lovely meeting you all too! :blushing: Fab night, good venue too - Mr Ross seemed to enjoy having us there! xxx *waits patiently for Junes tickets to go on sale tomorrow*
  17. Nats1977

    Sulky Moz spotted last night - Holy Moly news

    It looks like it might be an Alexander McQueen blazer to me? Any fashion experts out there to verify?
  18. Nats1977

    Sulky Moz spotted last night - Holy Moly news

    Re: "Sulk" Moz spotted last night - Holy Moly news Great huh?! p.s. My thread title should obviously be "Sulky" not "Sulk" could someone fix, i have annoyed myself! *sigh*
  19. Nats1977

    Sulky Moz spotted last night - Holy Moly news

    Posted an hour ago on Holy Moly celeb website...nice jacket!
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