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  1. viva hate1

    Peru, Chile and Argentina dates in July -

    Fantastic news for Peru,Argentina and Chile but what about the US and Mexico? he cancelled and we get nothing? he´s was/is ill and goes to South America instead of playing the US or Mexico? For all our friends in South America I truly hope he plays ALL of his shows there and does not come up...
  2. viva hate1

    New video of Moz at Mexican airport shoots down at least one main board troll...

    Í´m not a "troll" ok? I was there and I love Morrissey But I´m not taking back what I said because doesn´t matter how much I love him he wasn´t very nice and I´m not "against" him,I´m sorry if I offended you with my honesty.Maybe he had a bad day or he wasn´t in the mood but I´ve the chance to...
  3. viva hate1

    Monterrey - Arena (Dec. 5, 2011) post-show

    Morrissey doesn´t care about the audience anymore,he only want our mexican pesos.I saw him yestarday afternoon at the airport and he was a complete a**hole he only signed a couple of autographs (to the same guy by the way) and then he ran to the nearest exit,didn´t spoke to anyone,looked at...
  4. viva hate1

    The official 'Get Well Soon' thread for Morrissey

    My beloved Morrissey,get well soon I love you with all my heart,you need time to rest,forget about the tour,get well that`s what we all want,you`re gonna be ok i know you will...I LOVE YOU.
  5. viva hate1

    Robbie Williams: I wanted to be Morrissey

    I like robbie williams a lot,he`s a talented guy i mean his lyrics are not as good as morrissey`s,but he`s good at what he does and he`s a big morrissey fan and tried to be like him,he used to dress like him,robbie has an album called "intensive care" which features a song called "random acts of...
  6. viva hate1

    MTV Latin Awards

    Re: Mtv tres Wow Morrissey`s speech was great,he looked amazing,and the guys from cafè tacuba looked shocked when they anounced morrissey was giving the award,and i mean who wouldn`t?
  7. viva hate1

    My encounter with Morrissey

    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!! you meet moz!!!! that`s fantastic,i`m happy for you,that`s what i call luck! did you took any pictures? you are a lucky man,congrats.....:)
  8. viva hate1

    Morrissey Videography 2004-2009

    ok,hay una forma muy sencilla de hacer los dvds que quieres,lo unico que tienes que hacer es bajar un programa para "robarte" los videos y despues los quemas y haces tu dvd,es facil,solo los "bajas" de youtube los quemas y listo! tu dvd de moz personalizado :)
  9. viva hate1

    Morrissey abuse on YOR tour

    Re: Morrissey abuse on this tour... why they do this kind of things? i mean throwing things at morrissey is disrespectful,he always gives a great simple if they don`t like morrissey then don`t go to his shows,don`t pay a ticket to see him,save your money for a show you like.ok maybe...
  10. viva hate1

    Morrissey in Dia Siete scan/download

    Thanks a Lot, Abrahan,this is great i couldn`t find the news paper,but now i can finally read the interview,Gracias!!
  11. viva hate1

    Official Birthday Greetings Thread

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! MOZ i love you and i wish you happiness,good health and a lot of love! thanks for your music and for being an autentic person/`re an original of the species and you`re the most handsome man i have ever seen,your a sexy sexy man,you mean a lot to...
  12. viva hate1

    Coachella Boot

    WOW this is great,thank you vivahater!
  13. viva hate1

    morrissey frink thread!

    Hi girls :) first,i want to tell you i like this thread a lot,in fact,this thread is my favourite ,this picture was taken during the ROTT tour,the girl next to morrissey is not his girlfriend,she`s just a fan,this picture has taken in 2006 in monterrey mexico.moz looks gorgeous as...
  14. viva hate1

    Morrissey Reference on Cartoon Network's "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"

    :lbf: :lbf: my cousin used to watch this show,i watch it once and i didn`t like it,is a little bizarre. :crazy:
  15. viva hate1

    Moz interview help

    here you have it,i hope this is the interview you were looking for..... sorry i don`t know how to embed yet
  16. viva hate1

    Daily Mail makes fun of Moz's penchant for taking his shirt off on stage

    the daily mail sucks! on the same page they`re slagging morrissey off,there`s a photo of brooke hogan wearing a bikini and they say she looks stunning.....she is fat! not morrissey,he looks great for his age,i`m not saying he`s old,but he`s almost 50 and he looks HOT :horny:man at his age look...
  17. viva hate1

    Young Moz or Old?

    older moz.......without a doubt,he looks better now,he`s a sexy man and has a perfect body,in fact i find him more interesting now (:
  18. viva hate1

    File under: "YouTube Hall of Shame"

    maybe they don`t know the difference between the smiths and morrissey :lbf: this so called "documentary" is awful,this girls are posers,this video isn`t about morrissey at all, is about they and their boyfriends,nobody is interested ,but .......thanks anyway girls ,i had a blast while watching...
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