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    What is the best thing about WPINOYB, in your opinion?

    There's lots of things I love about the new album, but one in particular is jumping out at me this minute. The final verse of Forgive Someone. 'Shorts and supports and faulty shower heads At track and field we dreamt of our beds In the bleachers you sit with your legs spread, smiling...
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    Why did Morrissey change There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends on the KU reissue?

    Why, Morrissey? Why did you replace one of the most beautiful things you've ever recorded with some lumbering, chugging imitation? The original version of this song is honestly one of my favourite songs, Smiths or solo, and I just can't get my head around why he would want it struck off. Anyone...
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    Dream set list including songs from WPINOYB?

    For those who have heard the new album, how about an ideal 15-20 song setlist that includes songs from WPINOYB? I'll start. Maladjusted Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before Staircase At The University Spring Heeled Jim Now My Heart Is Full Sunny Used To Be A Sweet Boy...
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    When did Morrissey discover vegetarianism and animal rights?

    Anyone know how old he was when he decided not to eat meat? Or was it something that his family shared?
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    Bruce Springsteen to tour in 2012 First chance I've had to see Bruce and I cannot wait. One of my top 3 artists along with Morrissey and Nick Cave and he's finally coming back to the UK. I've never been to a show in a football stadium either, it's going to be amazing. Anyone else...
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    Billy Bragg doing Never Had No One Ever

    Ooh, very nice.
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    REQ: 2011 versions of The Boy Racer and Alma Matters

    I would be hugely grateful if someone could upload these two individual songs from the tour for me. I downloaded the Dublin show from Drifter's amazing mozzbozz site (thank you Drifter) but I am still looking for these two tracks. Many thanks in advance.
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    Your leather sofa is worse than the holocaust, insists Morrissey
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    How was Lou Reed at Hop Farm?

    Those of you who went to Hop Farm, did you watch Mr Reed? How was he? I would have loved to have seen him.
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    Are we looking at the second coming of the Wilderness years?

    Why do no labels want Morrissey? Is the current tour the second coming of the 2002 tour? A tour where new material is debuted but can't be released for however many years? Exactly how long are we going to have to wait? I know nobody has the answers to these questions, but I thought it would...
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    Action Is My Middle Name

    Anyone else reckon this is the best song he's done this century?
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    Glastonbury setlist question

    On the BBC's Glasto site, they have Morrissey down as performing Speedway between People Are The Same Everywhere and One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell. The setlist on this site's tour section says it wasn't performed at all. Anyone know which is true?
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    The Housemartins

    I do hospital radio from time to time and my co-host tonight played 'Flag Day'. He told me a bit about the Housemartins, how they shared a lot of Smithsian sensibilities, and I thought Paul Heaton's voice shared a lot in common with Morrissey's. I also thought 'Flag Day' was a bloody good song...
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    Is Morrissey's music life-negating?

    There is considerable scope for discussion on this topic. What do people think?
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    Would you like to hear Morrissey do a cover on the tour?

    If so, what song? I'm listening to 'The Wild Ones' by Suede at the moment and I think Moz would sing it beautifully.
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    Request: Sister I'm A Poet - Oct 28th 2007, NY Hammerstein Ballroom

    Last night I downloaded this full bootleg from drifter's wonderful mozzbozz site, only to discover upon unzipping the folder that the file of 'Sister I'm A Poet' was corrupted. Does anyone have the individual file they could upload for me? Many thanks in advance!
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    Which was Morrissey's best tour?

    From your own experiences or what you've read, which do you think was the tour where Morrissey was the best, performance- and setlist-wise? What were your favourite gigs you've seen him play and why? Cheers!
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    Happy Lovers At Last United

    Always thought this song was quite good since it was leaked, but I'm listening to it more and more recently and I'm really starting to think it's one of the very best songs of his career. Anyone in agreement?
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    Any love for this incredible band? Went to see them the other night in Manchester. Best gig I've ever been to. So many things that made it amazing.
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    RIP Japan bassist Mick Karn

    I remember there was an active Japan thread on here a few months back, so I wanted to notify everyone of the sad news that Mick Karn has passed away. RIP Mick.
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