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    NME: "Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?! - Boy George" - Morrissey mentions (November 20, 2020)

    I love Maladjusted. I also love Boy George. I wish our boy had half his charm and wit in his old age. In short, I wish he was better adjusted.
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    Tim's Twitter Listening Party - "Strangeways, Here We Come" with Stephen Street (Sep. 28, 2020)

    The death of the Smiths is what made his lyrics and performance on Viva Hate so powerful. He'd grown complacent towards the end of the Smiths and fell back too often on "carry on" style humour. The only stand out, heartfelt tracks on Strangeways are Last Night, Paint a Vulgar, and I won't share...
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    Johnny Marr's son calls Morrissey a racist on Instagram

    Interesting, thanks. I've come to respect Johnny a lot more since he started putting out his recent solo albums. Really liked Playland. But I used to bristle at the suggestion that his time in The The was longer and at least as significant.
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    Johnny Marr's son calls Morrissey a racist on Instagram

    Johnny achieved one (1) co-songwriting credit during all his time with The The, so I think it's safe to say he'd be "that good guitarist who played with Matt Johnson" rather than Johnny f***in' Marr.
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    Autoplay video ad

    Just tried that, but the video ad still plays. I'm on Samsung S8+ Pie. We can but hope for Q to fix everything, but I've been here before... :-)
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    Autoplay video ad

    Thanks FWD. I turned off autoplay but it still plays. Attaching screenshot for you Davidt. This overlay slides in from bottom right and autoplays. It's some sort of tracking ad as it's all very tuned into my searches.
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    Autoplay video ad

    I get an autoplay video playing in the bottom right of this site. I haven't got a problem with ads but this one knocks out whatever I am listening to at the time. Chrome browser on Android Pie. Is this normal and is there anything I can do. Thanks
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    "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" original, full length (Decibelle Studios) posted on YouTube

    You're absolutely correct. Particularly easy to hear on the hofner and gretsch isolated track. I stand, as a huge Andy fan, corrected.
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    "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" original, full length (Decibelle Studios) posted on YouTube

    More proof, if it was needed, of the importance of Andy's baseline. Dead without it. Fantastic track, thanks so much for releasing it.
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Feb. 24, 2018) post-show

    Great gig. He was in fine voice and a lot more swivel hipped than I've seen before! Loved HSIN - best version of that song he's ever performed. The gif got a bit bogged down with Munich, Police and World peace which no one really needs. I bury the living kinda works though. The clumsy first...
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    New "Best of" compilation listed on Amazon - Apr 27 2018 release?

    Yes I love southpaw for the music, but lyrically I agree it is poor in spots.
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    "Classically Smiths" shows no longer going forward - Mike Joyce, Craig Gannon statements on FB

    It is a shame. I am sure it would have been good with Andy on bass and Craig able to handle most of the lead guitar parts with more authenticity than anyone other than Marr himself being a bona fide former Smith. With an interesting selection of guest singers it would have been worthwhile. I...
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    "Rourke - Joyce - Gannon / Summer 2018" tweet - Something's going on...

    Sinead is not well. But she still has a fantastic voice. She sang at Shane Macgowan's huge 60th birthday concert in Dublin last week. Still amazing.
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    "Rourke - Joyce - Gannon / Summer 2018" tweet - Something's going on...

    Of course he wasn't the most important member, but I do believe his contribution is massively underrated. As first to die says, his bass playing is woven into the sound of the Smiths. Best of luck to them emulating From the Jam...
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    2020 live dates

    Thanks FWD - just booked mine!
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    Morrissey's albums ranked

    Yeah I have Southpaw Grammar near the top. Love that record. 1. Viva Hate 2. Your Arsenal 3. Southpaw Grammar 4. Maladjusted 5. Vauxhall and I 6. You are the Quarry 7. Years of Refusal 8. Ringleader of the Tormentors 9. Low in High School (might creep up with listening - love side A) 10...
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    SER - cryptic FB post re: B sides

    "Forgive Someone" was my favourite of all the WP songs (although it had a demo-like synth backing track that could be improved upon): "The black peat of the hill when I was still ill - see this mess and forgive someone" How beautifully evocative of the past was that? Morrissey has always had...
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    Low in high school leak (go to page 9 or 10)

    And don't forget Sean Barret's important role in that movie :-)
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    Suffer Little Children - Unheard Troy Tate Version?

    Oh wow the coda is the piano line from Meat is Murder. Sounds great thanks.
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    A Deluxe Offering...

    Thank you FWD. Looking forward to my vinyl boxset coming tomorrow :-)
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