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    Breaking up boxsets

    I noticed a lot of seller on eBay selling broken up boxsets of the Morrissey 88-91 and 91-95 singles. Luckily I spotted most before I actually bought a copy. But one slipped past me and I received a copy of We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful 7" that came from the boxset yesterday...
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    What stuff is PJLM missing?

    We know of all post-2011 stuff isn't documented. What other info is missing? Blue Sheila Take A Bow 12" came with red or pink labels Variations of the Smiths LP sleeve for both the Portugal, Spain and Greek versions of the LP
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    Smiths s/t UK promo copies

    I finally found both version of the Smiths s/t UK promo copies with the white labels. One has the white sleeve, the other one comes the regular sleeve. However I noticed that Joe Dallesandro has somewhat of a blue tint, does anyone else have this too or are your jackets more grey?
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    Dutch pressing of the S/T LP

    Question about the Dutch pressing of the S/T LP. Does your printed inner sleeve comes with a cut out for easy getting the LP out of the sleeve? I currently have three variations: One is the RT labels with bonus single, that has a cut out on the band picture side. RT labels without bonus single...
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    Smiths March 1986 tour

    I was researching some old newspapers and I stumbled upon an announcement for a The Smiths show in Utrecht, The Netherlands on March 3rd 1986. Obviously this show was cancelled, but are any other shows dates know that have been cancelled too? Or was it supposed to be a one off show?
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