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  1. JulieDurham

    Request: The Big Pink

    I bought the vinyl of 'Brief history of love' but I want to put it in my ipod Unfortunately there is no download coupon with the vinyl. Does anyone have the album in mp3 for downloading, please?
  2. JulieDurham

    The Smiths Project

    Have you heard about that?:
  3. JulieDurham

    Mourning Christmas - Vic Chesnutt RIP :tears::tears::tears::tears::tears::tears::tears::tears:
  4. JulieDurham

    Franck McCourt dies,8599,1911633,00.html?iid=tsmodule :tears:
  5. JulieDurham

    Restaurants in Denver

    Anybody knows a good vegetarian restaurent in Denver, CO? I'm in Denver for the we and I'm searching for a decent restaurant not too expensive.
  6. JulieDurham

    Have you seen this video?

    Gay internet users made this video to protest against gay racism on internet. Funny! :thumb:
  7. JulieDurham

    question about 'Who put the 'M' on Manchester DVD

    I made a research on the archives but I was not able to found anything. So, I wonder if the guitarist playing with Moz (not Boz B.) during the show at Move Festival is Dhani Harrison ( the son of Goerge Harrison)?
  8. JulieDurham

    Jean Genet and the setting of the refusal tour

    I have already started this conversation on the "what is the man wearing?" thread, but I tink it's not the good place. So to make a long story short....with his Fred Perry shirt Morrossey reminds me the French author Jean Genet on the 30's and 40's. And the setting of the refusal tour...
  9. JulieDurham

    2 Durham tickets

    I have 2 tickets to the 11th of march at Durham at the DPAC, upper balcony, row O. Selling them for the face price = 25$ each, free of convenience fee. Handed in proper hands only. MP, Julie
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