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  1. janey

    Quiz: Your Morrissey Persona

    i'm awkward and ambitious Morrissey... You appreciate acceptance yet intensely long to differentiate yourself from others. it's true :)
  2. janey

    A photo from last night

    With his shirt off he reminds me of my dad :p
  3. janey

    My Favorite Morrissey Line...

    "where are we going? we're all going mad!" From The Smiths on Charlie's Bus - 1984.
  4. janey

    What kinda Movies Do Moz Fans like.....?

    Re: Movies that must be watched donnie darko velvet goldmine le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain and so on, and so on... :)
  5. janey

    Morrissey's shirt for sale

    ah ah ah £999.00, but it is prada ;)
  6. janey

    "Unusual" Photographs of Morrissey

    I'm Morrissey, the sailor man... uh uh
  7. janey

    Songs you like but shouldn't?

    Jim Diamond : I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I, Shoulda known better :(
  8. janey

    Crap Bands

    I hate Coldplay :mad:
  9. janey

    Happy Birthday Morrissey!!!

    We here in Portugal have a saying that applies to Morrissey. He’s like the Oport wine, the older, the better. He now sounds better, he looks better, and he is still as accurate as he was in the 80’s. Happy Birthday, my dear Mozzy. :o
  10. janey

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Let me Kiss You by Nancy Sinatra :)
  11. janey

    Dear God, Please Help Me

    Definitively yay. I always dreamed listening to morrissey saying: Now I'm spreading your legs with mine in-between :p
  12. janey

    Tour if we didnt know...

    no way i don't want to believe i'm that unlucky. when finally i was going to see him... :(
  13. janey

    What's On Your Desktop?

    normally on my desktop i have a moz picture... today i have this one... :D
  14. janey

    Moz documentary part 1 (video)

    help i also can't upload the second part... it says that the file has please :(
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