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  1. Reggie Kray

    1991 tour shirt Bona Drag print vintage and original

    Vintage 1991 Morrissey Bona Drag Tour Kill Uncle Concert T Shirt Size XL on tag. Genuine article here. Very rare. Great condition. Minor small dot Stain pictured. Not ripped or torn at all. Beautiful print. AUTHENTIC VINTAGE Tour tee! Update - ***SOLD*** Cheers
  2. Reggie Kray

    True vintage Panic T-shirt for sale

    Hello All I've listed a vintage PANIC shirt on eBay Reach out if there are any offers here... Many Thanks.
  3. Reggie Kray

    Smiths/Morrissey shirt collection

    Hello Everyone, I've a collection of t-shirts (mostly official) and wondered if we'd have a place to share what we have and photos of the shirts. I'm trying to track more down but it's not too easy here in the USA, and without great expense. Just wanted to share the photos here for a bit and...
  4. Reggie Kray

    REQ: 8/7/2002 - Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theatre Bootleg

    Dear friends, Used to have this (my favorite bootleg from over the years...) My HD storage piece finally gave out, and didn't get a chance to grab this and other shows needed. Anyone have this and willing to upload again? Thank you!
  5. Reggie Kray

    Selling some vintage Tour T Shirts

    Hello all Selling off some of my vintage Tour Shirts on eBay. The Kill Uncle Edith Sitwell, Our Frank, Original Smiths Tee and others are on here... take a look
  6. Reggie Kray

    Singles to be Cremated With

    Hey there Anyone have this? that old Download Link causes an error....very interested in this compilation Cheers!
  7. Reggie Kray

    How Big is Morrissey going to go at the NY shows?

    Being that he wasn't able to grace us with his presence during the summer due to illness, does anyone thing he is going to unveil some new songs on the setlist, or just perform at a higher level at all? I hope Mozzer goes BIG at Hammerstein! I cannot wait!
  8. Reggie Kray

    req: vicar in a tutu old grey whistle

    Greetings! I was wondering if anyone had this to kindly upload. I have the Bigmouth from that performance on video, but i was curious to see the video version of this!! any chance of an upload? much obliged! :D:D
  9. Reggie Kray

    Do you think he will play any new songs coming up?

    I would like to think so, but then again I just now hope he comes to Manhattan to sing... How great would it be to hear 'Come Back To Camden' or 'Dear God'
  10. Reggie Kray

    Mega Upload Problems

    Hello, I have been having alot of trouble wth megaupload lately. I have downloaded alot from it before, but lately it will slow every download down to about 0.7 KB/sec, and then it eventually just stops. I was wondering if anyone knows why this is so? it has happened at both computers...
  11. Reggie Kray

    Morrissey Tour Shirts (Vintage)

    I have several, and I was wondering if anyone else had any photos of their old Morrissey/Smiths tour shirts? Did anyone who has been to a concert like in 1991 buy any shirts? It would be cool to check some out.
  12. Reggie Kray

    Wolverhampton Gig

    I have seen it on BitTorrent, but not on here. I cannot use BitTorrent anymore. Does anyone have this gig? I am really interested to hear it after hearing about it on "The Jewel In The Crown" and seeing the Sister I'm A Poet video... Also, if anyone has The Smiths Beacon Theater gig...
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