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  1. david ingemarsson

    The Sunday Times editorial: "Bigmouths Strike Again" (April 25, 2021)

    The Sunday Times Editorial 25/4/21 "As for Morrissey, his finest hour was This Charming Man. For once he could try to be one." Did not manage to find this small article from today's The Sunday Times editorial in its online edition, but here it is nevertheless.
  2. david ingemarsson

    Paris 24/09/2020 cancellation confirmed by Morrissey's cousin

    sorry does anyone know whether paris septemeber gig will happen official info seems to be that it will but to me it seems rather unlikely and here i am with a ticket... Posted by GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn: According to Jay (Morrissey's cousin) on Twitter yesterday it won't.
  3. david ingemarsson

    "Vauxhall and I", the band members remembers - The Mouth Magazine (2014)

    Stumbled about this website where JONNY BRIDGWOOD, bass guitar, WOODIE TAYLOR, drums and BOZ BOORER discusses and remembers the making of Vauxhall. I found it interesting. From 2014.
  4. david ingemarsson

    Morrissey mentioned in short NHS story

    This was a historical moment. Never before had there been a black American president and never had there been such spirited praise and worship in this run-down staff room. Morrissey, who just a couple of years earlier had sung that America had nothing to say to him as their “president never is...
  5. david ingemarsson

    Morrissey compares kosher food to ‘rape’ and calls for ban The Jewish Chronicle picked up on kosher mentioning in the latest Morrissey Central post
  6. david ingemarsson

    one ticket for Brixton academy swap for any of the other London shows

    Hello I have one ticket for London Brixton Academy (stalls) 1 March that I would like to swap for any of the other London shows at different locations on the 7, 9 or 10 March. David
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