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    For sale

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    selling some usual smiths stuff

    The Smiths-This charming man 7" (m/m) The Smiths-That joke is not funny anymore 7" (m/m) The Smiths-The boy with the thorn in his side 7"(m/m) The Smiths-Bigmouth strikes again 7" (m/m) The Smiths-Heaven knows i'm miserable now 7" (vg/m) The Smiths-Hatful of hollow LP (ex/ex) (german...
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    Disgraceful eBay rip-off!! what about this item??? :mad:
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    japanese singles question

    ok,so wich comes with obi???? i bought interesting drug on ebay without obi cause seller told me it came out like that,ok,but in meantime i saw few ones with obi!!!??? so does it comes originally w/obi or no??? i can recall november spawned cd single also without obi and...
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    sad sad seems

    i just got e-mail from my very reliable mozz suplier: Dear franjo7734, Hi, with regards to the item you kindly purchased from us we are very sorry to let you know that we have now had confirmation today that the Morrissey All You Need Is Me item is no longer going ahead for official...
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    quick help about RANK 2X10"

    released in 87 or 88(cant remember what was written on sleeve)'on double 10"vinyl i just found it in my local second hand shop in ex/ex condition for asking price 25$ now, is that original or re release?? how much is it worth/rare anyway/for how much goes on ebay ?? is 25$ fair...
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    Overpriced Items

    this one really is in my opinion:
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    Dagenham Dave

    Football t-shirt , it was given to who??? was it a promo,or ??? how much are in circulation and what is expected price for that item? Anyway,,this one is very very very good looking!!!!!!!!1
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    your favourite vinyl etching

    Either smiths or mozz: Mine is: Would you risk it for a buiscit?
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    what HE said??? girl asked when the new single is coming out? and he answered what???? cant recognize what he said help:(
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    Promotional videos

    I'm talking about one track promo videos on VHS... How rare are they,and how many of them are actually around???
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    What's your biggest spending???

    Ok,write here how much was the biggest sum of money you paid for: 1.Morrissey 7" 2.Morrissey 12" 3.Morrissey LP example would be mine: 1.Satan rejected my soul 10 GBP 2.Certain people i know 15 GBP 3.Southpaw grammar + booklet 15 GBP
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    Morrissey 12"-es only thread

    Ok,here discuss about mozz solo 12"-es(releases,promos,test pressings) Here are my 2 questions for the start! 1.Which 12" is most rare of the normal pressings(not promos or tests),and why(in your opinion)? 2.I think that every single should come out as 7" and 12",but why was there no 12"-es...
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    PROMO CD's

    Discuss here all your stuff about Morrissey and Smiths promo CD's only... 1.First i have a question,how much can i expect to pay for Satan rejected my soul US 1-track promo? 2.Wich mozz promo cd's are most sought after,most rare or whatever...?
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    What makes...

    Vauxhall & I LP and Bethoveen was deaf LP so rare and overpriced i've seen vauxhall ending for more than 40 GBP many times and Bethoveen LP few times ended around 150 GbP! are they so limited or what???
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    All music formats are supported(all vinyl,cd's,tapes,etc..) Also,shirts and books and other merch... It' would be nice to write the amountyou paid and condition of item,that can be very interesting... _______________________________________________________________ My latest buy: BOY RACER...
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    PROMOS w/ps (7"&10")

    The more you ignore me the closer i get 7" Hold on to your friends 7" Jack the ripper 7" Have a go merchant 7" Certain people i know 7" We hate it when our friends become successful 10“ You're the one for me fatty 10“ Picadilly palare 7“ Our frank 7“ Sing your life 7“ Pregnant for the...
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    Maladjusted singles

    Can someone please post today values of every single on:cassete,7",12" and cd for: Roy's keen Alma matters Satan rejected my soul any help would be great thanks alot
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    Maladjusted 12"-es

    Please,these are my favourite pieces of vinyl how much are they worth nowdays,each?
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    Maladjusted's big foot

    What do you think about back cover of maladjusted Lp(mozz's foot) why such a big foot? is there any hidden message in this? looks like very funny to me
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