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  1. Similar2Sunday

    "I don't bless them" QID intro meaning?

    Has anyone seen anything written on the significance of the voice saying "I don't bless them" at the beginning of the Queen is Dead? And who is the voice?
  2. Similar2Sunday

    "I still cannot speak French..." (Moz & foreign films)

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable about cinema can help me with this one. If Morrissey was watching L'insoumis and other French films as well as Passolini and Italian-language films back in the 80s and 90s... were these films produced with subtitles in those decades? Or did he just watch for the...
  3. Similar2Sunday

    "How Soon is Now" - Popcorn Venus source request

    Dear practising troublemakers, Would anyone happen to have the book "Popcorn Venus" by Marjorie Venus, the source for the title "How Soon is Now?" I would like to see the context of the passage as a whole. Most sources quote, "How immediately can we be gratified? How soon is now?” and not that...
  4. Similar2Sunday

    Your favorite live lyric change

    What are your favorite Morrissey lyric changes in a live performance? I have a few favorites, but I especially like the change in How Soon is Now to "you could meet somebody who can actually stand you" as performed in 2008-2009.
  5. Similar2Sunday

    London / LA popup info - exclusives, signed albums, "LIHS experiences" - Official FB

    Morrissey Official fb page posted that signed albums will be for sale at the pop-up shops. As well as “experiences.” Morrissey Album Launch Pop Up Shops in London & Los Angeles featuring exclusive merchandise ranges, signed albums and Low In High School experiences during 17th Nov, 18th & 19th...
  6. Similar2Sunday

    1 GA ticket for Paso Robles 11/5

    I have an extra Pit General Admission ticket for the show in Paso Robles on 11/5. Available for pick-up in the Orange County/LA County area or I can ship overnight. I'm asking for $58, which is less than the current price on online ticket sites. I'm only selling because you can't sell physical...
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