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    "Morrissey Sings The Smiths"

    If Morrissey were to make a studio LP of reimagined Smiths songs, what would you want the tracklist to look like? Would you ever want that to happen? Especially considering that he might butcher our favourites. Personally, I love the sound of his voice currently and wouldn't hate such an...
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    Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary rescheduled to Oct. due to "medical emergency" - Ticketmaster

    UPDATE: Apr. 18: Saskatoon via Facebook. UPDATE: Apr. 16: Posted by an anonymous person: Received an email from Ticketmaster confirming CALGARY’S new rescheduled date of Friday October 11, 8:00pm. UPDATE Apr. 16: Winnipeg rescheduled. Posted by an anonymous person: Shows now as being...
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    YTOFMF joke

    I am not privileged enough to comment on old threads, so I had to make my own. Obviously "You're the One For Me, Fatty" is about an over-weight person. I think the line "all over Battersea" specifically refers to the Pink Floyd episode involving a giant pig flying over the town. So not...
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    Morrissey vinyl collection for sale

    Last thing I want to do is sell these, but it’s dire times.
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