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  1. ToDieByYourSide

    Wanted: Smiths Singles CD Box Set

    I missed getting this first time around and wanted to see if anyone is interested in selling their used set of this. Please PM me if you are looking to part ways. Located in USA
  2. ToDieByYourSide

    that smiths demo lp thing

    I am assuming you are referring to this.
  3. ToDieByYourSide

    Best Boots List?

    Educated Criminals - 2002 Summer Sonic Malmo - 2002 Manana in Chile - 2000 Roskilde - 2004
  4. ToDieByYourSide

    The Smiths - Rare Tracks double lp bootleg question

    This is a bootleg that has been floating around here for a while. I would be glad to upload it.
  5. ToDieByYourSide

    "World Peace..." + singles gone from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon

    Logged into Spotify this AM to find both version of World Peace, regular and Deluxe, as well as the singles, removed from Spotify. I bought the CD so I am not worried, it is just another crazy turn in this story. As referenced in the article Please Close The Door Behind Me - Morrissey...
  6. ToDieByYourSide

    Miley Cyrus covers "There Is A Light..." in Belfast

    Re: Miley Cyrus sings There Is A Light That Never Goes Out I dont hate this.. I actually love how she sings the Chorus "If a double deck bus.." She sings it very similar to the way it was sung on the Demo released a few years back
  7. ToDieByYourSide

    Music in Moz Documentary

    Can anyone tell me the song that plays at the end of this Documentary? Around the 1 hour 47 min mark. Thanks for the help
  8. ToDieByYourSide

    Any predications on tonight's set list?
  9. ToDieByYourSide

    Sing Your Smiths 2cd collection request

    Re: Sing Your Simths 2cd collection request Nothing Ever Dies
  10. ToDieByYourSide

    Instrumentals wanted

    I would be happy to post what I have. I have the Instrumentals to BDP's Criminal Minded album, some Charlie Brown holiday instrumentals, and possible some Run-DMC ones. Let me know what you want !!!!
  11. ToDieByYourSide

    Article: 75% of The Smiths to re-unite at Coachella Festival 2013 according to Radcliffe and Maconie

    Re: 75% of The Smiths to re-unite at Coachella Festival We’ve now heard from several credible sources that The Smiths have agreed to reform in 2013 for four UK shows. And despite such rumours turning out to be total balls in the past, this one has enough weight to it that we’re prepared to call...
  12. ToDieByYourSide

    REQUEST: Eager To Be Held
  13. ToDieByYourSide

    REQUEST: Eager To Be Held

    I have it but I am on vaca right now. Once I get home, I would be happy to upload it for you.
  14. ToDieByYourSide

    [REQ]Higher Rank A.K.A Unruly Girl A.K.A Kilburn 23 October 1986 Live show

    This should give you the tracks you are looking for
  15. ToDieByYourSide

    The Smiths - "Rare" album from Itunes

    This And this
  16. ToDieByYourSide

    "Restored" version of Girl Afraid, Amsterdam 1983

    Thanks for this. I think you actually meant 1984, not 1983.
  17. ToDieByYourSide

    Home is Where The Heart Is

    Here is info from here. 4 October 1991 Hammersmith Odeon, London The Last Of The Famous International Playboys Sister I'm A Poet November Spawned A Monster Pregnant For The Last Time Alsatian Cousin Interesting Drug Mute Witness...
  18. ToDieByYourSide

    Stay As You Are. Where can I get this song?

    There are free tools that allow you to rip the audio from YT vids and save it as an mp3. Google "Youtube to mp3" and there ya go
  19. ToDieByYourSide

    Looking for studio version(mp3) for The Draize Train from The Smiths Complete Deluxe!

    Re: Looking for studio version(mp3) for The Draize Train from The Smiths Complete Del iTunes has it
  20. ToDieByYourSide

    Wolverhampton Civic Hall VIDEO 22 Dec 88

    Any chance of uploading that audio?
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