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    i am a ghost

    how are ya:cool::guitar:
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    the black cat thread

    any fans of black cats they rock dudessses:thumb:
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    who should be banned from solo

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    punk rockers

    these guys rocked :horny:
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    the nightmare on elm street

    any good f***ers:squiffy:
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    the i hate hen nigts thread

    f***ing trolls with their blow up men f*** off:guitar:
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    Your fav ice cream

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    my favouite moz b side is if u dont like me dont look at me........ :straightface:
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    How innocent were people here growing up

    i think i was too niaeve and innocent, for f*** sake:p
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    who here believes in karma

    I do:p
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    my past is haunting me

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah shit :straightface:
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    moz and damo are a pack of boloxes

    who agrees f***ing obnoxious idiotic fat cats
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    what is your fave word of all time

    mine isssssssssssss orgy :thumb:
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    how are you any scand;al dude:p
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    whart are your fav sayings

    one of mine is smile and the world smiles with you, cry, and you cry alone, and also the winning team never gives up i am unreal, is there anyone better than me well maybe st theresa and god .......:lbf:
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    Couldnt give a f*** thread

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im sooooooooo content and so haooily married
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    what is the worst thing that has happened you in your life

    thank god nothing with me , come on people lets get deep:D
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    The most adored celeberity?

    Is jordan, or lady gaga, or perhaps kate slaper moss idiots :lbf:
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    Celebrity big brother 2010

    any views. i like alex reid :)
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