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    The Smiths Uncut magazine

    LMK if there's interest, thanks.
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    Check this out! Just grabbed this

    I just picked this up, it's in MINT shape, lucky me. A MINT Smiths Best of II Songbook(worth)?
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    Question about Moz 180 gram vinyl reissues

    Wondering if there's any goodies included with any of the vinyl reissues(i;e: posters, etc). I know there's a cool poster that comes with the BD reissue, anything like that come with any of the other Morrissey reissues, and if so, what? Is there anything special(poster, etc) with the YA or VH&I...
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    Morrissey: Dreams I'll Never See Italian Cd

    I have one of these for sale or trade, it is an Italian bootleg. I'd prefer to trade it, any interest?. Disc itself is mint, as are the liner notes/artwork. Info: COPERTINA E CD COME NUOVI FACTORY PRESSED CD LABEL RED PHANTOM Leysin Rock Festival, Switzerland 09/07/92 Tracklist 1...
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    A Few Morrissey/Smiths Cassettes For Sale Or Trade

    Found these laying around and thought maybe someone here would be interested in them, make me an offer: Edit/Update: Gone!!!!
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    1 Copy Of Morrissey's Autobiography UK Edition FS/FT Anyone?

    Book is in like new condition, LMK if there's interest.
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    ISO: Black Silicone/Rubber "Morrissey" Bracelet

    I'm looking for a black rubber/silicone "Morrissey" bracelet, like the ones sold on tour, prefer to trade, but if price is right, I will buy one. I'm told they were sold for $5.....
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    Wanted:Morrissey Vauxhall Large(Long) Poster

    ISO: VH&I Long poster. I haven't seen any in a long time, maybe someone has one for trade?
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    Morrissey: Last Of The Famous....7 Inch Picture Disc (Never Opened) For trade?

    If anyone's looking for one, I have one for trade. It's never been opened, and is in MINT shape. LMK via PM. Probably throw in a few more Moz/Smiths goodies too. Looking (mostly) for a RSD TQID Gatefold (sealed) from a few years back. Vauxhall and I(Long Poster) and a few other things.
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    ISO: Smiths TQID RSD 10" Gatefold Record

    Looking for one of these(preferrably sealed) for trade. Have some stuff I'd be glad to trade for it. LMK if you have an extra and don't mind trading it.
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    FT: Andy Rourke Signed Smiths Poster For?

    Any interest in a trade for this poster, it is 100% legit, signed by Andy from the convention, there were only 10, so it's extremely rare and hard to find. I'm looking for a TQID RSD 10" gatefold record, or maybe something different, or make me an offer. Poster is MINT, no pinholes/tack marks...
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    Morrissey(Large) 1990-91 Tour Poster(still sealed) For Sale Or Trade

    I have a very large, still in the wrap(sealed) tour poster from 1990-91 Im looking to trade or sell. Any interest LMK.
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    Record Store UK Morrissey Signed Poster For Sale

    I REALLY hate to do this, but Im in a huge financial pinch, and need the dough. I have one of the recordstoreuk limited edition Morrissey Signed/Autographed posters by Mozzer, that they were giving away to limited customers, for sale. It is in MINT shape, and still in the rsuk mailer envelope...
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    Looking for a certain Morrissey subway Poster

    Hello, Im looking for a certain Morrissey Subway sized poster, that depicts Morrissey, standing near/beside a pole. (off the top of my head), It appears he's grabbing the pole, & staring off @ something, the poster has an orange background, w/a white border around it. Any clues as to what year...
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    Any Interest In A Trade For This item?

    I have this cd for also comes with an OBI stripe cover(pictured) it's a pretty sweet boot from 2 different shows, soundboard is VG....LMK if any interest.
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    Article: "The Smiths -- Complete" Super Deluxe Collectors Box from Rhino, limited to 3000 (estimated

    Update (July 27, 9:10AM PT): Link is back up with additional details and images. Info on the CD and vinyl boxsets have been posted also. The Smiths Complete (CD Boxset), Mon 26 Sep 2011 - £34.99 The Smiths Complete (Vinyl Boxset), Mon 03 Oct 2011 - £149.99 Update (July 27, 7:35AM...
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    The Smiths-Complete Super Deluxe Collectors Box?

    Sorry if this has been talked about/posted already. I received this little nugget today from a friend, looks very interesting, but the price scares me away:
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    So, Viva Hate Centenary Edition is Out?

    According to Amazon, it is(or will be on the 21st of this month), is this true? i do find it odd, that there's no tracklisting yet. Wait...never mind......thought I saw news about a new Morrissey Viva hate release...thought this was...
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    Any Interest In This Trade Wise?

    I have a copy of this on has an OBI stripe too, the soundboard is great. Looking to trade it...any interest, lmk(Both shows are on 1 cd): December 1983 Assembly Rooms, Derby 21 April 1984 Vinyl Party, De Meervaart, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    So Cal Peter Murphy Fans

    Just got this off Amoeba's site: Peter will be doing an in store performance of his new album "ninth" on June 16th. if you come in this Tuesday, June 7th and buy the new disc, you're guaranteed a spot in line for the signing after the performance...Im so there.
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