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  1. Librarian On Fire

    Morrissey Central "Turning The Inside Out." (July 5, 2021)

    I got a bit weepy reading the interview to be honest.
  2. Librarian On Fire

    Morrissey Central "His Story." (June 22, 2021)

    Has Graham Norton ever interviewed Morrissey? I would have always enjoyed it if they did. One openly gay and Irish. The other humasexual and a Irish heart. Both camp with a wicked wit. It will never happen now which is a great shame.
  3. Librarian On Fire

    Stephen Street on Morrissey (Mojo 327, February 2021)

    Loneliness is the constant companion of Morrissey. When he does find friends he sabotages the friendship so he can continue to be on his own.
  4. Librarian On Fire

    Book of Condolence Thread

    It was the early 1990s and Friday night watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway" was the highlight of my miserable unemployed week. If John wasn't on it I would be bitterly disappointed. The chemistry between him and Jose was wonderful. John was slightly camp, but so articulate. His impression of...
  5. Librarian On Fire

    Interview with the Fifth Smith, Craig Gannon - C-86 Show

    The ever good C-86 show hosted by David Eastaugh interviews Craig Gannon. Interesting bit about how Morrissey and Marr had been thinking of adding a second guitarist after watching Easterhouse. Interview with Craig Gannon C-86 Show Description: Craig Gannon in conversation with David...
  6. Librarian On Fire

    Morrissey was right by Lushington D. Brady - The BFD

    The BFD is a shit stirring gutter website which tries to manipulate New Zealand politics. They have a readership of about 15.
  7. Librarian On Fire

    "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?" release (Jan. 10, 2020); album sleeve revealed?

    The YouTube link works in New Zealand. It is a long song with quite a lot going on in it. Feels like it's trying to be many things. Still it's good on one listen.
  8. Librarian On Fire

    "Dear Morrissey: You're dumped mate" by Kylie Klein-Nixon - One of those stories from the woke about how they now disagree with their favourite artist/writer/musician because their favourite artist/writer/musician expresses a viewpoint or opinion which differs from...
  9. Librarian On Fire

    "California Son" review / download - Radio New Zealand

    Reviewer William Dart of New Horizons Radio New Zealand gives a mixed review of "California Son". I did like William talking about the mixed gender roles of Morrissey singer love songs from a female protagonist on the album. Review can be listened to online or downloaded. Morrissey's...
  10. Librarian On Fire

    Why Hairdresser On Fire is one of the best

    30 years after its release I still write my appointment with my hairdresser in my diary as Hairdresser (on fire). Lovely song.
  11. Librarian On Fire

    "Back On The Chain Gang" official video via Rolling Stone interview

    I'm amazed at how his voice sounds stronger and better with age. I find Moz with the guitar just plain wrong.
  12. Librarian On Fire

    Photos of Morrissey at Nico's grave, Berlin - Morrissey Central

    I'm more impressed by the blue and white hooped socks. I'm very pleased that Moz hasn't neglected the importance of good socks. As a kid I too liked QPR for awhile.
  13. Librarian On Fire

    Did Alain Whyte play on Ringleader of the Tormentors?

    Nothing to do with Ringleaders but gee Alain sure rocked the look with this leather pants. That seems more than a life time ago now.
  14. Librarian On Fire

    Morrissey's Kill Uncle turned 27 last March 4: after all this time what are your opinions on it?

    "Sing Your Life" is a great little Morrissey ditty. It feels so lightweight now and Morrissey probably cringes at the sound of it. I don't. When you watch the "Live in Dallas" gig you realise how explosive those "Kill Uncle" songs were on stage.
  15. Librarian On Fire

    Did Alain Whyte play on Ringleader of the Tormentors?

    Alain always looked the part. He looked good with Moz up on stage and I miss that. Visually the current band with t-shirts and sneakers is just so uninspiring.
  16. Librarian On Fire

    An archive photograph of Morrissey shared by Jake Walters

    The infamous white/ivory denim jacket so loved by Morrissey makes an appearance. Errr, umm those trousers don't sit too well over the family jewels.
  17. Librarian On Fire

    Kevin Cummins: "Morrissey: Alone and Palely Loitering" hardback due September 2018

    Many thanks FWD. And in my trivial I must know. Did Morrissey have two pairs of Doc Martens? In one photo the boots are the Oxblood red ones. In the other photos the boots are black, but then those photos are in black and white. I'm sure I've seen him in black ones as well.
  18. Librarian On Fire

    Last of the Famous International Playboy's video

    On topic...who was the young guy who featured in the video? I know for the "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before" video the extras were sourced from a fanzine. And of course for the "Every Day Is Like Sunday" video Lucette Henderson made the jump from the Stop Me video to the Sunday video...
  19. Librarian On Fire

    Morrissey interview in The Sunday Times Magazine 26th Nov. 2017

    All in all I thought that was probably the best Morrissey interview for a very long time. The difference of being interviewed by an interviewer is clearly the difference. Better than answering questions by email. It was nice to see quite a spark of the old Moz there in regards to his plain...
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