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  1. Southport Grandma

    Morrissey - now managed by Madonna’s manager? (Boy George tweet) (UPDATE Sep. 17: confirmed Quest Artist Management / Instagram, since Aug. 2021)

    As per Boy George:- UPDATE Sep. 17: Posted by Famous when dead in the comments: The Maverick (QAM) part appears confirmed: Regards, FWD. (Note: they've had Morrissey images on IG since August - George could have gleaned this information from here possibly?).
  2. Southport Grandma

    "What Kind of People Live in These Houses?"

    Is this song title related to Morrissey and Linder Sterling wandering around Manchester looking through the windows of houses and him asking “are they really happy?” as described in the “Importance of Being Morrissey”?
  3. Southport Grandma

    Never mind the Horrocks, here's the Smiths and New Order et al
  4. Southport Grandma

    Tony Fletcher - Book discussion London November

    London based fans of them there Smiths may wish to troll along to see Tony Fletcher and hear from Stephen Street and Grant Showbiz:- 'A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths' Special talk and book launch with Tony Fletcher...
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