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  1. moiaussi

    Free ticket to show in Montclair tonight

    So I'm too sick to drive down there. :( I doubt I can sell it at this point from where I am. So, if anyone wants it, and you have a way to get it, just let me know. It's yours. I live in Ithaca, NY. -moiaussi
  2. moiaussi

    Message to Morrissey Management

  3. moiaussi

    Morrissey Zippo

    I was just messing with you. I didn't think you'd bite.:p
  4. moiaussi

    Morrissey Zippo

    I'll trade you a moz zippo for those shirt shreds you're carrying around.
  5. moiaussi

    Grumpy Old Men

    Didn't he say that about Girlfriend in a Coma?
  6. moiaussi

    Girl that kissed Moz on stage recentely (Vegas?)

    She looks like she belongs in Vegas, so good guess.
  7. moiaussi

    Morrissey Hair Thread

    Why are you going to a barber?
  8. moiaussi

    Reward: name the line crashers

    Are those cutters unionized?
  9. moiaussi

    Morrissey a genius: official.

    It doesn't take very much to qualify for MENSA. Nobody bothers, because it's meaningless.
  10. moiaussi

    And Kristeen adds......

    Except he's reasonably literate, so I really doubt he *ever* uttered, "whom will swallow whom?"
  11. moiaussi

    Could you die for Morrissey?

    That's even more f-ed up than dying for Mozzy. Vasquez? Seriously?
  12. moiaussi

    Top 10 Favorite Bands or Singers

    The Smiths/Morrissey Dylan The Cramps Tom Waits The Sugarcubes/Bjork PJ Harvey Patti Smith Radiohead The Clash Joni Mitchell.
  13. moiaussi

    Could you die for Morrissey?

    I don't know him from Adam, really. I don't believe that what I do have access to is terribly informative about what he is actually like. I'd probably do some of the things he gets criticized for myself, so who am I to judge? I don't like dramatic confrontation, either. Then again, I can be...
  14. moiaussi

    Could you die for Morrissey?

    Exactly. This is one of those thought experiments that doesn't lend itself to insight. What's the point, aside from creeping people out?
  15. moiaussi

    American accents: what's yours?

    Oregon is Midland now.
  16. moiaussi

    Could you die for Morrissey?

    Good grief. I don't buy into my own mythology enough for that to happen.
  17. moiaussi

    Morrissey - NY Review on NME Website

    "That's how people get what they want"? They got it right in the set-list but not in the review. Buddy Bill is pretty funny. Written by Mudville.
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