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  1. smiffy

    Asleep cover

    Worth a repost I reckon
  2. smiffy

    Paul Draper - Spooky action

    What a nice piece of work!
  3. smiffy

    hull ticket needed

    Anyone got a ticket to sell, message me please
  4. smiffy

    bad 2
  5. smiffy


    tasty tune
  6. smiffy

    Morrissey on bbc radio 6

    Any one like me enjoying this radio session?
  7. smiffy


    My new discovery, although not new to many, heard this through BBC glasto coverage and am now hooked.
  8. smiffy

    Glastonbury-Arctic Monkeys

    How does everyone rate this band, i've never seen them live, thought the first album was great, 2nd good, never bothered with subsequent, but am enjoying them tonight on the TV.:guitar:
  9. smiffy

    richard hawley

    Looking forward to seeing this guy in Hull if Feb. Little link with Morrissey, as he failed in his audition play as a live musician in 1991 (according to wiki).
  10. smiffy

    Jolly, asleep cover

    Better than most covers ive heard, Dont know if its been posted before but well worth a listen.
  11. smiffy

    viva hate question

    i have lost my viva hate cd so i ordered another from amazon market place, and zoverstocks have sent me 2 by mistake, both are from 1988, but one is a his masters voice version and the other is by parlophone. Both have the same disc ref uk-cdcsd 3787, 7 90180. why is this, just intested tahts...
  12. smiffy

    smiths karaoke

    i have been nominated to sing a smiths song at my friends 40th birthday party, what do you think i should sing? nothing to niche. if your unlucky i shall post on utube.
  13. smiffy

    wanted:3 tickets york, standing pref but wil take seats

    guys i need 3 tickets for york, me the wife and friend of wife. if only got 2 will sack the friend of wife. if only got 1, will go on my own, with divorce a possibility. please pvt me,.................. thanks in advance, you darlings
  14. smiffy

    would you like morrissey if he wasnt famous

    if you met the guy down the pub (bar for our american friends) and he wasnt a singer/poet/changer or saver of lives, or lets face it, an entertainer (pop star), what would you think of him?
  15. smiffy

    Moz support acts info

    who can name the bands/acts who have supported moz over his live solo career?
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