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  1. Nats1977

    Morrissey's autobiography discussed in The Independent 22/4/11

    John Wilson from Radio 4 just tweeted: @JohnWilson14 Penguin to offer Morrissey 'classic' deal? If true I'm surely in line a slice! Let's call it 10%, eh Moz? Article link here...
  2. Nats1977

    Sulky Moz spotted last night - Holy Moly news

    Posted an hour ago on Holy Moly celeb website...nice jacket!
  3. Nats1977

    Morrissey spotted in London?

    Moshi Moshi records have just tweeted "Morrissey's at Old Blue Last?" which is a venue in London - The Drums are playing there tonight, is it possible that Morrissey attended? Anyone from here there?
  4. Nats1977

    Linder in Glasgow

    Apologies if this has been posted before etc etc but Linder is doing an 13 hour performance work at The Arches in Glasgow on 23rd April. I don't really understand what it is - 13 hours?!! If you can shed any light, please do! Heres the link...
  5. Nats1977

    Shins/Broken Bells

    The Shins' James Mercer has been working with Dangermouse on a new project called Broken Bells. Heres a link to a free download of the first track leaked - what do you think? I really like it myself...
  6. Nats1977

    Merry Christmas Scottish music fans!

    Couple of nice things i came across today - this 4AD sampler that you can download for free which features some of my favourite artists of the year who just happen to be Scottish - Camera Obscura & Broken Records... And also this Christmas album to buy from...
  7. Nats1977

    Fence Records

    Lots of folk on here seem to have a soft spot for Scottish indie - anyone a fan of the fabulous Fence label? King Creosote: Pictish Trail: Also Found, Player Piano and loads of others...any supporters?:)
  8. Nats1977

    Is BBC 6music the best radio station going?

    I love BBC 6music. In the last hour tonight I have heard Lloyd Cole, Robyn Hitchcock and, just there, "Boxers" with a plug for the Mozipedia book. It's worth my licence fee alone - any other fans? Or is there something else good out there I'm missing?:)
  9. Nats1977

    Mercury Music Prize Speculation

    Nominations for mercury are out tomorrow - do you think YOR has a chance? And if so, would Moz tell them where to shove it?! Last predictions ahead of the announcement has him at 66/1...
  10. Nats1977

    Conor McNichols killed the NME

    Ok NOONE reads the NME anymore but its nice to see this muppet who tried to ressurect the "racism" non-story leave the hot seat...maybe it could get good again like in the 80's???
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