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    What have I missed?

    Not been here for ages. What have I missed?
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    Send me a PM

    Go on, I dare you.
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    Happy Lovers United

    Just found this on Youtube First impression I got, is that it is about his parents.
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    Youtube tutorials

    After having a look around youtube, there seems to be a distinctive lack of good Smiths / Morrissey guitar tutorials (What, no Christian Dior or Striptease with a difference?!!!! .....) So I call out to you Smiths & Morrissey loving, axe-wielding fiends to create one and post it on youtube...
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    If you don't like me, don't look at me

    I don't think this B-side gets enough mentions, one of his better B-side of late.
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    Last of the Great Records present: Ghostcat

    This band are worth checking out if you're A) in London this Wednesday B) Enjoy the music of Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Ting Tings / Dolls and the Kicks Details and flyers below. x
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    Haiti Benefit gig - 10th Feb

    Haiti Benefit gig this coming Wednesday, 10th February @ Catch, 22 Kingsland Rd, Shoreditch, London, E2 8DA. Two great bands on the night - Applicants and Blanco There will also be short films, a DJ, and a raffle on...
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    Last of the Great Records @ Catch - 1st December

    Last of the Great Records @ Catch, Shoreditch, London. Three bands on the bill - Kensingtons, Pets In Heaven, and Clinker. £3 to get in, starts at 7pm next Tuesday, 1st December. Hope to see you there.
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    This Charming Mario
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    Transmission - Radio intro

    I've just heard a version of Joy Division's Transmission with a short introduction by a radio presenter on Last fm. The general gist of it, is the presenter introducing the new band from Manchester, except the guitarist, who is from Salford. Anyone know where this is from? Thanks
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    Pre concert entertainment

    Could someone post an exhaustive list of the film footage which has been displayed on stage before Morrissey comes on, please. (from start to present) I have tried to find this information but to no avail. I'm trying to remember the name of the Norwegian(?) Eurovision entry with the dapper man...
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    Req: The Primitives (1960s band)

    Looking for a track from the Primitives (the 1960s freakbeat/R&B band), not the 1980s one that Morrissey liked. The track is called L'ombra di Nessuno. Anyone have this track and able to upload it up for me?
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    Beats to the Recession

    Not a Morrissey-related event, but some London folk might be interested in the night below. It's a pound to get in, three bands on the bill, at the Good Ship in Kilburn - if you've been there before, it's a nice and dirty little venue. It's on the 24th, which is a Thursday, which practically is...
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    There are 10 people on here that I really care about

    Those that understand binary, and those that don't.
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    I want to hear your music

    London-based bands and solo musicians / artist. I want to hear your music. Post your myspaces and I will pass judgement like an idiotic, bloated Cowell. Thanks
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    What is the easiest Smith song to play?

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    The Stewart Lee Appreciation thread

    Because he is wonderful.
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    Footage of Ian Tomlinson

    Footage of police assualt on Ian Tomlinson, during G20 protest.
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    What do you think should be the next YOR single?

    Given that the last two albums (Rott and Quarry) featured four single releases, and with 3 already released for YOR (All you need .. That's how people ... Paris ...), what do you think should be the last single to be released?
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    Cafe chat Nice quotes.
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