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    'Safe, Warm Lancashire Home' and 'Treat Me Like A Human Being' vinyl rips

    Glamorous Glue re-issue b-sides Have heard that this has been released with new unreleased (previously) b-sides? Anyone got a download of this for me? thanks
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    What have I missed?

    Not been here for ages. What have I missed?
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    How often do you play your instrument?

    I blow my trumpet every night.
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    Frank Sidebottom statue

    I've got loads of old newspapers handy if you need them.
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    hipsters freaking suck

    Please enlighten me.
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    hipsters freaking suck

    I wish I was cool enough to be a hipster. Please, please, please, let me be a hipster for once.
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    What would you say to Morrissey?

    Do you want chips with that? ...
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    Morrissey's girth size?

    I think you two win.
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    University of Leeds

    Nice city, although quite small. Not been there for quite a few years, but has a big student population. The University is quite nice (campus is near the city centre). There use to be quite a few indie clubs but not sure if they are still going on now. Like most northern cities, has nice and bad...
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    Quarry nights are less regular these days. Not sure if the Smyths play that often, having said that, I don't really check to see if they play. There is some sort of London book tour, haven't checked it out but I walk past the Grave Maurice pretty much everyday, although it looks nothing like it...
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    Please, Please, Please strumming pattern

    Very good. You should do tutorials, Peter.
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    Which Smiths/Morrissey songs do you find most fun to play?

    Learning the chords for Stretch out and wait, still on the verse part, but enjoying playing these chords.
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    P. Geezer. Mitchell on your profile.

    P. Geezer. Mitchell on your profile.
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    Is it actually there?

    Never go to Moscow at the wrong time of the month.
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    Favourite Stand Up Comic?

    I can't stand Frankie Boyle. I think he's shit.
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    Great quotes - post 'em here

    "I see you're drinking 1%. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? 'Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to" In your face, take that, you quote fiend!
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    Great quotes - post 'em here

    I like your sleeves, they're really big. Lucky!
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    Great quotes - post 'em here

    I think therefore I spam.
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