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  1. Sir Alec

    Grant Lee Buffalo

    I've always felt that no one embodies the essence of America better than Grant Lee Phillips. When I listen to his records with Grant Lee Buffalo I feel a strange sense of deep connection and historical reflection involving this great land. Anyone share my feelings...
  2. Sir Alec

    Mr. Show with Bob And David

    Are there any fans here? For the people that don't know them, they cover many controversial topics such as... Commercialism, TV censorship, crime, general Silliness, And last but not least Drugs!
  3. Sir Alec

    Your Heroes

    Who are your heroes?
  4. Sir Alec

    Common People

    I found this great documentary on Pulp's song Common People. It has most of Pulp together again (even Russell Senior)! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4...
  5. Sir Alec


    WARNING: Please do not debate on this thread! Help take action to prevent the banning of all abortions in the US. Even cases involving rape and medical issues could be made illegal if we don't take action. Sign the petition here Non-Americans are welcome to sign the petition.
  6. Sir Alec

    Massive Attack

    Does anyone here like em? I'm doubtful that anyone here likes them as much as I do, or even likes them at all.
  7. Sir Alec

    Do You Remember The First Time?

    I'll let you guys interpret the meaning of this thread.
  8. Sir Alec

    Built To Spill

    Is anyone here a fan?
  9. Sir Alec

    The Official My Chemical Romance Sucks Thread

    IMO they are downright horrible Your thoughts? (If you really like "MCR" don't bother posting here)
  10. Sir Alec

    The Official 'Comment On Other People's Stupid Sigs' Thread

    Have you ever felt the need to comment on other people's signatures, but were afraid of being labeled a hijacker? Topic changer? Republican? .... Well, now you have the chance to make a complete ass of yourself and remain on-topic. Enjoy! :D
  11. Sir Alec

    Children Of Men

    Did anyone see this film? I know it has been out for a while in Europe, but it just came out in the states so I went to see it today. I give it a 12 out of 10, because I am still in shock and I saw it over 12 hours ago! I can't remember any other movie that had this "shocking" effect on me...
  12. Sir Alec

    The Official "Pointless Videos" Thread

    I shared this with Chica and I just had to share it with all of you. ...I love you guys... this one too
  13. Sir Alec

    My Sad Obsessions With...

    What bands/artists have you ever been obsessed with. I admit to liking Pulp just as much as Morrissey and the Smiths. Same goes for Suede, Roxy Music, Blur, and the Cure. I know everything there is to know about them.
  14. Sir Alec

    The Official 'Desktop Background' Thread

    What is yours?
  15. Sir Alec

    The Official 'Affects of US Foreign Policy On Other Nations' Thread

    Keu Issue 1: We all know that Clinton did wonders for the US economy, but we also know he didn't know how to respond to shit when it came to world events. Rwanda and Somalia come to mind. Key Issues 2: Is the Somolia Syndrome still with us Americans? Would we respond to another genocide like...
  16. Sir Alec

    That Song You Can Listen To a Million Times Over

    For me it is... Pulp- The Fear (Complete & Utter Breakdown Version) or Morrissey- Lost
  17. Sir Alec

    The Official 'Soft Toys and Ice Cream' Thread

    I like soft teddy bears and my favorite ice-cream is Chocolate. Yours?
  18. Sir Alec

    The Official 'WTF Happened While I Away' Thread

    As you can see I just woke up an hour ago... yes, around 4:10. I know it is sad, but I have reasons to stay up tonight. Dammit all I have work tomorrow! Anyways just catch me up on the events of the past 10 hours I've been in bed. Edit: You can tell I've awoken late because I mis-spelt the...
  19. Sir Alec

    The Official 'What Did YOU Do Today'? Thread

    Today... I woke up I turned on this damned computer I posted once on this site I went to work I suffered horribly Some guy hit on me Some friend wanted a CD I was late getting home I posted once on this site I took a shower I ate I pmed someone I posted this
  20. Sir Alec

    The Official "Fight For The Ethical Treatment Of Dancers' Thread

    We must protect Chica's precious dancers from the sick, inhumane treament of Codreanu. Also, we must get rid of the royal family, because they are useless leeches and like to fox hunt. We must boycott all companies that are involved in the sick treatment of dancing stick figures!
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