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  1. Abrahan

    Official Facebook "We Shall Live To Sin Again" - Las Vegas residency postponed (May 20, 2020)

    Posted on Morrissey Official via FB: WE SHALL LIVE TO SIN AGAIN It is with deep regret that we must postpone our upcoming concert residency in Las Vegas. Certainly we must be conscious that the health and safety of our fans is the most important issue of the day. We also realize that many of...
  2. Abrahan

    Rapper Jake Hill cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue

    A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat ban imposed at a venue by Morrissey. Rapper cancels gig after refusing to 'bow down' to Morrissey meat ban at venue - London Evening Standard A rapper has cancelled a gig because he is refusing to "bow down" to a meat...
  3. Abrahan

    5/26 Houston, TX - Morrissey / The Smiths Memorial Sunday Happy Hour

    Come celebrate Morrissey's Birthday at Little Dipper Bar from 3-6pm. All-Vinyl All-Request Happy Hour featuring Morrissey/Smiths themed drink specials. Happy Hour Specials: $2.50 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Wants $2.00 A-Lone Stars DJ ABRAHÁN will spin 3 hours of Morrissey and...
  4. Abrahan

    The Smiths and Morrissey Trivia Night in Houston, TX - Jan 29th

    "Win yourself a cheap tray..." Host and MC Abrahán presents The Smiths and Morrissey Trivia Night. Think you know all there is to know about the man they call Morrissey? Know his favorite flower or when he was born? Do you really know who said "You say ere thrice the sun done...
  5. Abrahan

    Friday 12/30 Morrissey + Smiths Night in San Antonio, TX

    MORRISSEY + SMITHS NIGHT at The Bang Bang Bar - San Antonio, Texas Houston's own DJ Abrahán spins all the songs that saved your life. (( FOUR HOURS of your favorite Smiths and Morrissey tracks. ALL VINYL + ALL REQUESTS - ALL NIGHT Come request the songs...
  6. Abrahan

    11/19 Houston - Morrissey After-Party (Updated Event)

    Due to the recent cancellation of the Texas dates for understandable circumstances: The [UN]OFFICIAL MORRISSEY AFTER PARTY is now: MORRISSEY + SMITHS NIGHT and is starting at 8pm til Midnight. Come hear the songs you wished you had heard at the show - all on vinyl. I WILL BE TAKING...
  7. Abrahan

    2016 Smiths Re-Issues? (180 Gram Vinyl)

    Just noticed that a local record store has Louder Than Bombs and The World Won't Listen as 2LP re-issues. Then I found these on Amazon: Louder Than Bombs: The World Won't Listen...
  8. Abrahan

    YATQ - released today in the US in 2004

    Came across this photo montage I made from photos I took when YATQ was released 5/18/2004: Still a favorite.
  9. Abrahan

    The Smiths one of the 20 Artists Missing From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Excerpt: 2) The Smiths: What is everyone waiting for? Wasn’t anyone on the Hall induction committee ever a teenager?
  10. Abrahan

    The Morrissey [BIKE] Ride video - Houston, Texas

    There was a Morrissey Bike Ride on Saturday, January 23rd in Houston, Texas. Here is the video, complete with a fake Salford Lads Club: FB Event
  11. Abrahan

    Boz Boorer w/Rockin Lloyd Tripp (Houston, TX - Jan. 23, 2016)

    More info:
  12. Abrahan

    The Advocate: Morrissey will open tour in New Orleans

    British singer Morrissey is loved in Los Angeles, Mexico and his native U.K. He’s more loved in the latter two places, for instance, than North America at large. Nonetheless, singer-lyricist Morrissey’s 28 years as a solo artist and his landmark 1982 through 1987 run with indie-pop-rock...
  13. Abrahan

    Classic Albums Remade: The Smiths, 'The Queen Is Dead'

    Classic Albums Remade: The Smiths, 'The Queen Is Dead' Robert of the Radish Writer March 16, 2015 Think for a minute of how influential U.K. alt-rock icons the Smiths have been on the pop landscape. Now think about how much music they have actually given us. It’s amazes me to think that this...
  14. Abrahan

    Live at Earls Court 2LP and more for sale

    Live at Earls Court 2LP - Under the Influence 2LP - Will update when more are listed.
  15. Abrahan

    all new misheard lyrics

    I keep hearing "pack em in ramen" during the song Staircase at the University.
  16. Abrahan

    22 years ago in Morrissey history - Signing at Record Rack in Houston Texas 7/29/1992

    Seems as if nothing has changed in 22 years. The cult-like following is still as strong. I always laugh at how none of the newscasters mention that he was in a band called The Smiths. - Someone has one told me, over the years, that no one was supposed to mention or ask him about The Smiths...
  17. Abrahan

    James Franco pens poems uses a few Smiths songs as titles

    James Franco's poems: hard to forgive - The Telegraph James Franco's first collection of poetry includes an ode to Heath Ledger and a poem in the voice of Lindsay Lohan Excerpt: Several of Franco's poems have titles from songs by The Smiths: "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"; "Please...
  18. Abrahan

    Oct 12 Houston Texas Stop Me - Pomps 'n Baskets / Cardigans 'n Glasses Blue Jean Jacket Bike Ride

    STOP ME - Pomps 'n Baskets / Cardigans 'n Glasses Blue Jean Jacket Bike Ride! Meet up at Market Square Park (301 Milam, Downtown) - 5pm. Re-creating the The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before music video for the 26th anniversary of the video release. Watch the video...
  19. Abrahan

    The Smites at House of Blues Houston 8/9/2013 Houston, TX

    Cocktails & Covers featuring The Smites tonight in Houston. $10 Doors are at 8:30pm.
  20. Abrahan

    Peter Murphy in Houston 4/26/2013

    Snapped these 2 photos of a fellow m-solo-er meeting Peter Murphy last night. He said he recognized me from here but didn't hear me when I said I would post them (since no one had a camera on them).
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